Monday, October 4, 2010

Munson Night Race Video and Tuesday Night Ride Info

Here's a nice little video of the Munson Park Night Race, on Saturday Night, that one the East Side gang put together yesterday. It's very well done, I think. As you can see the racing started in the daylight and moved into the shiny, wet, dark of night as the races progressed throughout the evening.

I heard one of the race directors, at the Caledonia race next day, say that he heard that conditions at this race (Munson Park) were "just awful!" As you can see conditions were actually "JUST AWESOME!" Almost everything I hear about East Side races, from West Michigan people who never go to them, is pretty much 100% wrong. Even the weather reports. Why is that? Can anyone explain that to me? You can just slip an envelope with the answer under the blog back door.

If you look hard enough (and I don't know why you would), you can see Laura (Cupcake) Amy and Jeff Haney (Slayer), and your shy narrator standing around cheering, heckling, and eventually racing all our asses off as the night wore on. You'll even see the infamous Crazy Bastard "Heckle-Horn" in the very last shot.

Tonight we're planning (by popular demand) to roll at 6 pm out of Townsend. See you all there, all of you that are going there. I need a nice little spin to clear the legs out before the battle begins again next weekend - so if you all want to go up the road without me, go for it, I'm with you in spirit, just not in body. Just leave me a beer or two at the Honey Creek.

If you're interested in all the racing that went on this weekend, from East to West, check out the last two posts that went up in the last two days, over the weekend. Yeah, we've been busy.


  1. Batteries are charged and ready for the first night ride of the year. I'll try to make it by six, but may be late. Leave me a map and I'll catch up...after I drink the beer in your cars. (or you could just wait for me. I'll call when I'm on the way.)

  2. PS - Sweet video! Looks like an awesome race to me!

  3. I think I heard Laura heckling that little kid as he was trying to get over the barriers.

  4. Awsome video! After seeing Munson Im sad I did caledonia...I sure appreciate having the ability to race in the west and thanks to everyone who put it on and fed and watered us but that caledonia course sucked. KK

  5. BK - assuming at this very moment, that you are coming, we will wait for you! So only call, post or whatever, if you're not coming.

    Patrick: Laura heckled that kid (WHATSAMATTA YOU AIN'T BIG ENOUGH?!) until he started crying. He said he'll never ride his bike again is now wants to be a pumpkin farmer (yeah he reads the blog too).

    That was a fun race, and the video conveyed it pretty well - they say it's (Tailwind) their weakest course of the series, but I had one of the most exciting, and toughest races of my life there on Sa because of the competition - It was wheel to wheel and shoulder to shoulder with a pack of ten right to the finish - even had to sprint at the end - it was, I imagine (since I haven't been there) a more Euro-style of racing. You'd think the hill would have split it up, but it didn't.

  6. Nice video. At Munson I see they put the barriers before the run up rather then half way up the hill...if only I'd suggested they do that at Caledonia. Oh wait, that did happen. When asked I offered my suggestions for the course and was then shown a pink barbie purse that would be presented to the biggest complainer of the day. I guess I should've suggested more, I didn't win nothing!

    I'm looking forward to Richmond.

  7. That tailwind race looked pretty sweet! I hope tonights ride went well. I think that i am out for the rest of the fall season until the snow is at least 2 feet deep!!! Couldn't justify a light purchase while i am collecting parts for a roadie for next spring. I will be around after my surgery monday heckling and cheering here on the west side for ya'll!!

    Adam Mac

  8. Whoa werdy, get yo game face on

  9. The Munson race looks like recess at romper room. Nice collection of big wheels. Where’s the free beer and food? The Caledonia track was the real deal….

  10. Anon 505: Actually there was tons of free food - brats, hotdogs, chili soup, but you had to bring your own beer, which everybody did - apparently. Caledonia was the real deal, huh. Don't ever get out of the boat, and don't ever leave West Michigan dude.

  11. Surly, I would like to head over to the East side to check out one of the tailwind races before December. Is there one that sticks out to you as being the best?

    Scott W

  12. Stony Creek, and Ann Arbor. I don't know about the one in Linden, it's new this year.

  13. Scott

    I'm considering Ann Arbor on Oct 30th if you're interested. It'd be an early morning but definately do-able. Probably a little shorter drive then Stoney.

    Anon 6:30
    Yeah that's a nice photo. Thanks. Jack always does a nice job out there. Be sure to buy a photo...a photo of yourself that is.

    Anon 5:05
    What Surly said. He's spot on dude.

    I think the time stamp is off on this blog. I sure didn't post at 6:53 AM yesterday. Maybe this thing works on Greenwich Mean Time? I'll see if I can find the settings.


  14. Time check. Time check. Test, test.

  15. Marc,

    Just ricocheted over here from your CXmagazine post. Nice blog! See you in Linden.