Friday, October 1, 2010


My dear friend Marshall, letting me know what he thinks of today's blog-o-sphere journalism. The ball of fire over his head is a "glowering hate orb."

I can't think of a more appropriate appropriation of Bike Snob's AYHSMB than ALL YOU HATERS SUCK MY STANS TUBELESS TIRES. On last night's epic ride (epic due to numerous mechanical incidents and extreme darkness) I was once again hating on tubeless tires. The nerve-wracking explosion of the tires and the length of time it takes to remount and roll (quicker if you give up on the tubeless idea and go straight to tubes) makes them inappropriate for road rides, in my twisted opinion. I think we're going to have some kind of fuzzy rules that will never be enforced as far as what kind of tires and bikes you can rock on this ride from now on. The number one rule is this: if you have a decent cross bike, ride it and give up on trying to impress us with your Monster Bike with balloon tires and a single 27 ring up front, or other two wheel abomination.

In the words of the Frenchman (Aka Mike K), spoken just last night, "if you're going to bring an abortion like that to this ride, what do you expect?"

Can't we all just get along. If we're wearing the same kit we can. HUPsters congregating and making plans - for what kind of beer they'll be drinking later is my guess.

It was big ride last night, in part due to the promise of free beer, pizza, and demo lights provided by Light in Motion and Speed Merchants. Lights, beer, pizza (should have been fried asian carp) are the essential food groups of Crazy Bastard lifestyle.

Bissell Missiles. Some of my own team members huddling up before the rollout. Lots of red and white flying up the road last night.

A Rapid Wheelmen gathering before the storm. And the dark of Night.

One of several Farm Team members that joined in the fun last night. Shari, the best looking of the Farm Team, here.

My rejuvenated Kona, that had more problems last night than in the last 3 years. Bad, Kona, bad Kona! Behave!

Despite a number of flats and mechanicals, it was another great night for a ride. The Light and Motion thing was a gas, with lots of pizza and few beers and a lot of bumping around in the dark, which is always fun. Thanks to George, Kim, Kate - the good folks at Speed Merchants, for bringin' it. I would have had photos of the event but my camera had a mechanical issue (the battery died) that I assume was caused by Marshall "glowering" at it so intensely.

As far as the Light and Motion equipment, that stuff was fabulous. While I already have a pretty good light, I was so impressed with the new technology I decided to go all out and buy some new gear, for the new year.

Yeah, pretty sweet, huh? Wished you had one? If you were at the ride last night, and you want a discount (20%) on L&M products at Speed Merchants check them out. Quick before they see this!

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