Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Derby Cup: Dust and Carnage

L'ville USGP UCI Elite Women Day one Crash. from David Lowe on Vimeo.

Check this crap out - the women are flying - and I don't mean that they're just going fast - they are literally flying through the air half-way through this video. If you haven't seen this already (it's been posted a few times on FB), crack a fresh beer, crank up the volume and listen for the very distinct OH SHIT! and bikes and bodies snapping. Sweet, indeed. This particular section wasn't too far from the start and there are a set of barriers right where the camera is sitting.

I'll have a ride report - as passed on to me by Slayer, later today - before tonight's ride.


  1. OUCH! If she didn't pin her face on the barrier from that then she didn't miss it by much. Looked like she let her rear wheel off the ground coming over the top and got her weight too far forward on the downslope.

    There were little pockets of soft dust/sand all over the course you had to watch for. Hope she was ok after that one.

  2. She just came down on the front and tucked the fucker, didn't she. Looked like she was one of the Louisville team, too - think she had some practice time, but oh whell. The dust was actually pretty good in that shot. And yeah, she's lucky if she didn't hit the barrier. The video said it was Day 1 (I think) when the barrier was too close to that berm. I think on both days, in my race on the first lap, somebody when down right there - though not so spectacularly.