Monday, October 4, 2010

Light'em if you got'em.

Tuesday night roll out. We're sticking to the 6pm go time for now. With a 7:17pm sunset you'll need one of those things above for the last half hour or so. Put a blinkie on the rear to so we can keep track of you when you go off the front.

Looking a few days out, we've got the RW Colorburst tour this Saturday. There is a dirt road option in addition to the normal paved road routes. I'm leading out a group for the 62 mile dirt road ride that leaves at 8:30am from the main lodge in Fallasburg Park. We use the same SAG stops as the paved routes for our stopping and refueling points. If you'd rather only roll about 35 miles, you can ride with us from Fallasburg to Townsend, then shoot back to Fallasburg after that. No local race this weekend or anything over on the east side of the state. Weather is looking good so this might be a good option for anyone interested.


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