Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RIDE TONIGHT @ 6 PM 11.02.10

Planning on rolling tonight at 6, as usual. (Having trouble loading photos from this weekend, but I should have a race report up a little later this afternoon - check back later!)

See you Bastards tonight! Hopefully there won't be too many of you still trying to get your ICEMAN training done in one week, or one night.

Here's my tip: Start tapering, dudes ... looking for a little recovery tonight, myself, not that it matters ... I won't be doing the ICEMAN but I sure plan on watching it on TV. Or maybe doing a fake practice/race somewhere around here. Gotta a new place in mind for those of you that are interested.


  1. I'm out for tonight. Going to shake down the mountain bike to make sure it still rolls. Enjoy the ride...looks to be NIIIIIICE!!!!!

  2. Doing the ICEMAN? Isn't the 27 miles in that race long enough to make sure that it rolls?

    Kidding, kidding, see you later Werdy.

  3. Missing the dirt roads I am. Though, fat tires are still better then the skinny tyres of summer. Dirt over road any day.

    I'm back on the dirt roads next week. Thursday I have parental obligations so I'm out.