Thursday, September 30, 2010


Bad photography marred by poor composition. But it was a big and happy bunch of cyclocrossers none-the-less.

For a practice and clinic that wasn't going to happen it turned into quite a night - a beautiful sunset night, as a matter of fact. We were graced by all sorts of first timers from F-Bats, Fast Freddie, Kat and MC Hammer, to the gentleman, I forgot your name with his back to us rocking the sweet Lemond with disc brakes. Nice bike dude. Dan and Laura K were back for more, Amy H, as well as a host of Lead Out members, and even Shawn D from the Farmers Team.

Ladies coming and going. Yes they love their cross practice.

Obviously cross practice is a big hit with the ladies. Yes, it would seem that while chicks may dig scars, etc., they also like practicing so they don't get any. Way to go ladies!

Kat, executing a fly-by Maverick would be proud of.

Speaking of fast ladies on two wheels - here's one way to get over the barriers. Just ride by them. Kat showing us how it's done! Actually she was going great over the barriers. I think she's probably just bringing MC another tube - he had two flats! And Fast Freddie forgot his front wheel! Remember we have spare wheels in the lot! Just ask next time and you'll be rolling again in a minute.

"Tube B connects to joint C" ... Fast Freddie puts the essential mechanics of cross together.

Speaking of scars, I don't know how much blood and shin bark these plastic barriers have saved this year, but lets just say a bucket load. Gross huh? Here's Fast Freddie doing the cross equivalent of replacing your divot in golf. Thanks Freddie ... and you didn't even break anything except your glasses.

Big thanks to Werdy One, once again for helping set up and design the course. It was especially rockin' last night. Thanks Werdy!

New technology lights the way.

Remember tonight's ride is the long awaited Light & Motion event sponsored by our good friends at Speed Merchants. Here's just one of their lights. Nice huh? Not only will it light the way it will also keep your head warm. They have promised that they'll have pizza and beer for us after the ride. We plan on rolling out at 6, as usual, so try and be on time. And if you can't let us know - we'll wait for you. If we like you.

See you Bastards tonight.

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