Saturday, November 10, 2012


Suicidal Cat 2-3's as far as the eye can see. Adam McIntyre is in there. Can you spot him? It's like finding Waldo.

Women's elites flying down the flyover. KfC was there about 5 minutes earlier.

Sand pit number one was approximately 18-miles long. Well it felt like it anyway.

A tough, but fun day at the Derby Cup USGP race here in Louisville. There was a lot going on here today so before we get into the Crashes, Trashes and the voting on Nash, here's a brief overview of what went down here today.

1. Michigan Racers kicked ass - Jeff Weinert took first in the 45+ and Mark Woloweic a first in the 55+. Great stuff! Adam McIntyre survived a hairy crash-o-rama 2-3 race to move from a 120th start spot to 55 - awesome ride.  Cupcake had another great ride and Osgood and JB were up in the top ten in the single speed class. Das German had a good race in the elites, dropping a tough looking Adam Myerson about half-way home. Well done everybody. Me, I sucked so bad I can't even make fun of it anymore.

Katie Compton was so fast this was as close I could get to a photo - nice pink tire though.

2. The women's elite race was a runaway by KfC, but also included a great ride by Katrina Nash, an awesome comeback for a podium step by Georgia Gould, and some wonderful riding by Brit Helen Wyman.

3. Highly competitive elite men's race with a battle between J-Pow, Trebon, Berden, Summerhill, Johnson. J-Pow took it running away, but only in the last lap.

4. The weather rocked - in the 70's with sunny skies and sunburns. Yeah, really. The only downside, we had an earthquake.

Cupcake wanted to show everyone back in Michigan how cold it was here so they wouldn't hate us so much - either that or she was making fun of somebody wearing a ski hat and a long coat.


There's nothing like a USGP or UCI race for checking out flash equipment and tent set ups. There were enough team tents set up that the place looked like a remake of  Ivanhoe.

Big tent, big team, big power house in cross. Stu Thorne and the boys know how to do it right.

Neat and tidy steeds ready to rock. Man that's a lot of carbon and glue sitting there.

The Rapha Focus team tent is more than a place for cool bikes and racers - it's a media center.

Under the Rapha Focus tent there's always some videography going on.

Myerson rides-by the Rapha Focus Media center to check on the can't stop won't stop shooting schedule to see when he's on next.

Another team making a great showing is the Raleigh Clement team. Ben Berden drove the pace from the gun in the elite race.

The Raleigh's are some nice looking bikes. Hmmmmm.

The Team Luna Tent. What's in there? Yeah you know what's in there. Pro Luna Bike Chicks™ (TMS trademark), that's what.


They had a sweet little First Aid Tent, but nobody made it there - the meat wagons got them first.

Another one bites the dust, and gets the ride in the wrong kind of broom wagon.

There were so many ambulances carting people away today I thought that it was Wednesday Night and I was back at Grattan. Adam's race had a bad one, and there was a flying, smashburger race in the 35+ race. Of all the races I saw the 35+ guys took the prize for the most crashes and dopey riding.

No heckling funny business here - this guy spent his days yelling for "Medics!" You though it was a remake of Private Ryan at the Table Top, or whatever that stupid thing was. One guy laid on the course for 3-laps in my race.

Ooops, that's going to leave a mark.

 I would have felt worse but this guy got so much air off off that little bump, and right in the middle of a full pack of about 50-racers that he was kinda asking for it - still I hope he's not hurt too bad. I think that he just had the wind knocked out of him. Keep it on the ground dude, it's not BMX, okay.


USGP Day 1: Team Sandbag's Lead Attorney keeps an eye on the troops, and a strap on his beer. Unfortunately he should have kept an eye on his beer and a strap on his troops.

Trouble with a backpack full of Pabst. Team Sandbag's Spiritual leader starts to lead his flock astray right about here.

On course during the Elite Women's race. TSB walked a fine line between heckling and sexual harassment - and finally fell off it into the abyss.

Thankfully Cupcake stepped in, stood tall and put her foot down.

THE NASH (Contest)

Katrina Nash and an old man. 

I found out during the race that Katrina Nash was Osgood's favorite female racer and the object of his twisted and perverted PBR driven desires, so when I had a chance to get this photo, I thought it would about drive him over the edge. I'll bet he's got a basement, a pit, and a bucket of lotion (handmade.)

The way we were. Or weren't.

Yeah he was a little pissed about the Nash photo, but then got jealous and wanted to know why we didn't have a photo taken that day. Yeah, we're thinking of making this into a tattoo. Think that will be painful at all? Or just distasteful? John thought that I should put both photos up and let the 5-readers of this blog decide which was a more appealing and sexy photo - Nash and me, or John and me. I took a poll, but you can add your vote in the comment box and see if you can swing the vote.

Katrina Photo: Yes 1,233,400,756,567

Osgood Photo: -5 (comment: ... made me throw-up in my mouth, it's just wrong guys.)

Probably won't get a chance to post Derby Cup Day 2 until late Sunday night, or Monday - stayed tuned, or look for a better report elsewhere. I'm sure there will be one somewhere.


  1. John is my hero, but I'm going with Nash. In either case, Surly, is there any way to Photoshop your ass out of both photos?

    Nice blog posts, by the way. I'm utterly jealous.

  2. Forgot to mention Mike Seamen's great ride in the SS. He wasn't happy with it, but nice work Mike! How you could even ride around that course on an SS is beyond me. Well there's a lot that's beyond me, apparently.

  3. HAHHAHHAHA!!!!! Was I actually there on day 1? I don't remember any of this...