Saturday, November 24, 2012


Her Majesty flashes  her now trademark 2012 Victory Sign. Photo by Marc Dettman Courtesy of Brad Lako's unsuspecting camera.

Team Sand Bag's Jim Goerlich sends Adam McIntyre and Brand Lako around the bend. See more of this three-some at work in Adam's video posted below.

Lots of bitching about the cold today but I didn't see anybody's nose falling off or anyone amputating toes in Tailwind Brown Bus of Authority. It wasnt like we were in the Death Zone at the top of Mt. Everest. Frankly, I didn't mind the cold, and it was really great to be back on another familiar Tailwind course. The rain in the past few days and the run-in of tires even took out a lot of the bumps the course has been know for in the past. I'm glad to report that I won't need rotator cuff replacement tomorrow.

This way Adam, this way! This way! Photo courtesy of Scott Dedenback.

In the above photo Sarah McIntyre tries to show the Adam McIntyre the most direct route around the course. Well done Sarah. Tomorrow it will be going the other direction. Sorry to say that I don't have many photos of today's action, and have only a scant few from the C and B-Races thanks to the kindness of strangers. 

 It all starts here. Yes, it's the obligatory arty-start photo. But a good one.

Having started well, and finding his way, thanks to Sarah's instructions, Adam pulls away over the barriers.

... as well as railing it down the hill.

I was able to prove that I could still get my old fat ass up a hill. And over these silly yellow sticks somebody left laying around, too.

Proof that I crossed the finish line at least once.

The B-Men's Podium. Yeah they crossed the finish line bunches of time. Brad Lako needs direction though, he should be on the box with the "2." Nice race guys.

Nice barrier work. Nice socks. Another solid ride by Sarah McIntyre put her on the podium again.

Again, sorry about so few photos, and only a limited cast of characters. We'll try for more of the Usual Suspects at tomorrow's race. While I fell down on the media job today it didn't take long for Adam McIntyre to put together another one of his "One Lap Wonders" videos which is already for 'crosslicous consumption. Enjoy, take a ride of Tailwind's Waterford Day 1 Race:

Like this one? Well then check out what the Euros were doing today at a little race profanely named Koksijde, in the video below.

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