Friday, November 2, 2012


At ICEMAN you think you're a name, not a number? You could be wrong Mr. or Ms. 4,987 in the 85th Wave.

I was told today that if you took all the ICEMAN 2012 registration packets and put them end-to-end they would reach around the moon, bounce off Venus, and land back in Lake Michigan. Yeah, there's like 20 Million entries this year. It's true! (no it's not) You needed to be in top form just to find your number and your starting wave today - especially you, for example, who are probably number 4,897 in wave 85, leaving a little before the time change Sunday Night. Turn out the lights when you're get in, will ya?

Registration pick-up was like rush hour at the Velveeta Cheese Factory - squeezing them out one at a time.

Who am I looking for again? Who am I? Have I lost my identity? How am I ever going to suck Harry/Jimmy/Eddy's wheel when they are starting in the 3rd Wave and I'm in Wave 85?

You're here somewhere here. I just don't know where. You're in Wave 85 so I don't why you should care so f*&^ing much. And stop crying!  The Broom Wagon has some great beer and porn videos.

Ride or Die. So I did. I just can't remember which right now, but I'm guessing ride since I'm still typing.

After a long morning at the the Expo Center (see this morning's post here) and watching and listening to people talk incessantly about who was going to suck who's wheel, and who was going to feel bad if they got caught by so-and-so, I had to get out and ride ... or die ... like the shirt said.

The calm and sleet ride before the storm.

 I took a short, but death defying ride from Traverse City to the Expo Center and back just to clear my head. People wondered what kind of bike this was since it wasn't a Niner and didn't have any springs anywhere. Actually it was a great day for a ride, no matter what the bike. And this was the perfect bike for today.

On my ride I discovered some classic Traverse City landmarks that I had never seen before - like this Coca Cola machine. Oh, and I got to SEE IT MADE ... Well that was awesome let me tell you.

The Whiz wobbled in, wobbly at first, and then more Whiz-like.

Back at the nerve center of ICEMAN 2012 (Expo Center) after my short ride I once again started to see familiar faces drift in - most of them looking for numbers and bad coffee after a shaky day on the road.

Craig gives the place his Pre-Race Crazy-Eye, while Fast Freddy looks on with his trademark Fast Freddy Smile™.

The Dark Knight, Don Cameron. When he isn't laughing at me, he's laughing at you. Yeah, he is, really.


Randy was still rocking after a hard day in the Expo Center being the best Promosapien he could be.

Meanwhile, back at the Motel, Laura K was calmly and happily waiting for the family/team condo to open up. She's writing a scathing letter to her attorney here - but with a smile.

All the while the buying and selling continued back at the Expo ... let the games begin.

Hopefully we'll have some racing to report tomorrow ...

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