Saturday, November 3, 2012


Do you need a degree in advanced meteorology to know those clouds are full of snow?

Yesterday the buzz-wuz: it's gonna to be nice warm and sunny. This morning not so much. It appeared that the Weatherman once again lied, but nobody died, they are just going to get a little wet and snowy.

Just moments ago outside Crazy Bastard Reporting Headquarters.

Within a few minutes the snow was coming harder and harder.

Best quote of the morning overhead while walking through the parking lot, from a young woman racer: "I can't wait until tonight when this is all over." Apparently she doesn't do cross.

AM Rain / Snow Showers. Where's my rain jacket?

This was the word via one video feeds inside the Crazy Bastard headquarter nerve center, moments ago.

Outside our hotel's ICEMAN FEEDZONE 1 - last minute repairs, this guy gives us the standard ICEMAN "fingers out salute."

This poor guy, above, was keeping a positive spin on the fact that his front fork would neither hold air or lock-out. Still he gave me the thumbs-or-fingers out sign that is "in" with this year's ICEMAN participants.

This familiar West Michigan racer give us his own version of the ICEMAN Salute over his race breakfast and an iPad. He's probably reading this blog in the future right now. Good luck!

This scene is taking place in every motel with a feedzone in the Traverse City right now.

Above is ICEMAN FEED ZONE 1. You're next in line. Get used to it, your entire day is going to be like this, standing behind somebody, waiting to get through to the good stuff.

Caleb McGraw awaits some morning grub.

 Another ICEMAN getting ready to carb load - Caleb McGraw. His Mother never shot such a lousy photo of Caleb in all her life. Good luck to all the McGraw's racing today. We look forward to seeing Julie McGraw's photographs later today.

Back at the Crazy Bastard Nerve Center.

 This is how I'm rolling. The CB Nerve Center is pretty much a comfy Queensize Bed, a laptop and coffee and cable television. Think I'll turn up the heat now. I feel a chill from the windows. Wonder if my Belgian Waffle is done?

Outside, ready to roll.

Out in the cold and snow the racers are getting to roll. We'll have another report on the thing that's called "racing" a little later today - I hope! Good luck racers and race watchers. Let the ICEMAN GOETH!

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