Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Why is the Cupcake smiling? Why is she so happy? To be back racing again is my guess.

While Cupcake may not have been up on the podium, like a few other notable Michigan 'Crossers, she was glad (is my guess) to be finally racing again after an injury took her off the bike for a few weeks after Mad Anthony where she was having a great ride. Coming back after a downhill crash to tackle this course, hats off to you young lady, well done. I also wanted to kick this quick post off with a good looking photo instead of some of the other options available to me when talking about the Michigan Cyclocrossers that made it to Derby Cup this year.

See I could have opened the post today with a shot of Mike Seamen's. This is what 2-days of USGP Single-Speed racing can do to you.

So I could have started with Mike, JB Hancock, Matt Baroli, or any number of other Hooligan's from the Team Sandbag Team and probably would have gotten a cease and desist order from Blogger and Google. I could have started off with this guy, too, but then too much of a bad thing is wrong ...

John Osgood. He Cant' Stop, Won't Stop, unless you get a restraining order.

Now for the real Michigan Cross Heroes: Mark Wolowiec kills it two days in a row with a win on Saturday and a Second on Sunday in the 55+. Well done Mark!

Joan Hanscom tries to open one of the bottle of Champagne she hasn't drunk that day for Mark Wolowiec's podium presentation.

 Mark let's the Champagne rip. Nice! Thanks for leaving a sip Joan.

Here's Mark killing it - not sure of the photographer - either Big Mac or Jeffery Tom Payne.

Jeff "Lil Pony" Weinert showed up big for himself, his Wolverine Team, and Michigan, with wins Saturday and Sunday in a super tough 45+. Congratulations to you Jeff, awesome. 


Here's Jeff letting loose with the Champagne - on the podium with the Katie Compton's wife, Mark Legg, who had been owning this series until Jeff decided otherwise.

  Jeff chasing through the sand on his way to another win. Photo by Patrick Russell.

While he may not have been near the podium, Adam McIntyre showed he had the right-cross-stuff, and the legs, by moving up from 120th-something to 45th in the Men's Cat 2/3. Did you see his video of the carnage in that race? See yesterdays post right here.

This doesn't look like it was sketch to ride - but it was. Adam attacks the greasy off-camber. This will be the cover of his book - "HOW I ATTACKED THE GREASY OFF-CAMBER."

Nice shot of Matt Baroli cresting a short little climb, and looking so pro. Photo by Jeffery Tom Payne. 

Speaking of sand: "Who is that man riding so slowly through the sand?" Hey, at least he's riding, for now. Photo by McIntyre.

But not riding for long. This is how I looked trailing off the back in the 55+.  Nothing but fun, huh? Photo by McIntyre. Yeah I sucked more than air. I just sucked.

Trying to, trying to, just make it over this little hill so I can get over the next six. Duh. Photo by Jeffery Tom Payne. Thanks for the photo, I almost look like I'm moving here.

Later today or tomorrow the fun photos and stories about the pros at the Derby Cup are on tap. Planning to ride tonight. Can't decide on SS or not. Any thoughts on Gearage?


  1. If Adam uses that photo for his book cover, then we need to discuss royalties!! ;)

    It was a fun weekend!!