Monday, November 12, 2012


Yeah it was HOT in Looeville during the Derby Cup. How Hot? This Hot. 
(Photo: Adam McIntyre)

There are so many photos and stories flying in from the two days in Looeville it will probably take  three or more posts to get it all in there. One of the best of the weekend is right here - a great first lap and additional footage from the men's 2-3 race Saturday morning. Take a ride along with Adam McIntrye for one scary, crazy ride as he works his way through 120 cross-eyed crossers from all over the country. It take some guts to stick your nose in this mess.

Here's another short video from the same day, featuring another crash in the same spot as the #2 crash in Adam's video. There was also a crash in the same spot in my race, and a real bad one in the 35+ race later. They took this section out Sunday. Wanna see the best of Cat 4 racing, here it is. Go KARL!

More later today - I hope!

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  1. I will say that I learned at USGP... no need to be elite to have carbon wheels, bars, cantilevers, stem, frame... Now I know how bike shops stay in business