Wednesday, March 30, 2011


With a number of Bastards defecting to the road, because I assume it's easier and you don't have to clean your bike after a ride and so on, it was a small but jumpy and fast bunch last night with Big Mac, seen below, Specialized Steve, seen later on, Randy, Redline Bastard, and myself, not seen at all, all out for a pleasant spin in the neighborhood, chatting about the racing last weekend, draft beers, and Goose Island being bought by Budweiser, and who's the best caterer and so on. You know, biker talk.

A bright, bright Big Mac. Yeah, he's as bright as he looks. Almost.

I didn't take a lot of photos, but it was beautiful out last night. Great to finally see where we were riding for a change. Not to mention the giant high rise office building that went up on Ashley and the 70 story tall Tower on Nugent. Amazing we didn't see them before, but hey, it was dark.

Steve, he's de-booting in the back of the Stevemobile after a nice ride. You care, right?

While some of you might find the photo of Steve taking off his boots in the back of his car exciting (you need help, okay) and some of you may find it kinda of oh-yeah-so what, I took this photo to show you light conditions at the end of our ride at 8'oclock. Yeah, I didn't bring lights to the parking lot to light this, this is mother natures soft box. No lights needed! It's nice seeing where we're going - plus I didn't have to drag that damn car battery around. That thing's heavy!


  1. I was a defector last night. I think i have washed all the paint off of my cross. Besides i heard last night was muddy and fast! you would have dropped my F*# A$$ after two solid weeks of travel. It was great to get a 2 hr ride in last night, and not have to spend another hour cleaning Fuji.

  2. By the way, the Ada Bike shop rides start next Tuesday April 5. If you prefer to stay clean come and join us. I sound like I'm getting soft in my old age. Mud never bothered me before!

  3. It wasn't that fast. And the mud was pretty minimal, especially for an animal like you. I'm not washing my bike. Ever again. I'm going to keep riding the dirt for a while. It will be nice to do that loop when the orchards bloom, and so on. Sounds romantic, doesn't it? Besides, I like the traffic out there. I'll keep you posted.

    The mud did get pretty deep there for a couple weeks, so I can see what you mean about a slight aversion to the stuff.

  4. the blooms sound very romantic. i just might come out and smell the roses!

  5. you guys are starting to worry me with all this talk......

  6. We can whistle a merry and gay tune as we ride. Is there anything wrong with men, dressed in lycra doing that?

    There's a ride tonight. Maybe not so romantic, since my romantic self wont be there ... maybe chummy?