Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Last night's ride was one of the muddiest I can remember for sometime. Of course that's not a for long, owing to my age, which is, well I forget, I'll have to check out my racing age on my ... damn I forgot to renew my USCF license again. Anyway, it was a muddy one.

This is what happened when Redline tried to come around me on the right, or left, and I didn't know he was there and swerved to miss one of 8 million water-filled potholes last night.

Yeah it was ugly, but riding or playing in the mud doesn't always have to be ugly. Remember these shots from a muddy ride long, long ago?

Yeah, it's girls play mud-soccer. Man I can't get enough of mud-soccer. The skill, the mud, the girls playing mud-soccer.

I especially like #9's mad ball skillz. Awesome work #9!

This is what's like after a tough game of mud-soccer, or a ride in the mud - you're just plain tuckered out. Yeah this is what it was like at the Honey Creek, only replace this hot girls with ugly old geezers with their muddy faces stuck in black beers.


  1. anticipate it will be ridable tomorrow? OR will all that mud turn into ice again?

  2. We can only hope the roads will be covered with mud and soccer girls in two piece outfits.

  3. Ok so I must have had a lot of crap kn my eyes! I missed every one of the soccer chicks. Next time would someone please point them out to me!