Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Set your clocks ahead or back. Tear the page of the calendar, get out that sacrificial chicken blood you've been saving. Put on your Kiss me Irish jersey, it's spring! Isn't it?

The weather has warmed so that it's time to unveil, and I do mean unveil, our latest riding uniforms for the new season. So toss of those insulated riding jackets, knickers, Lake Boots, lighten up ... we've hired some models to well, model our new kit. See what you think.

I think that something like this might look good on Big Kahuna. This young lady just needs some studded tires and fenders.

Steve and his new bike? Well close. I don't think that his 29er was a step through, But the pink kinda reminds me of his colorful green/yellow whip. I don't know about the white bikini with his beard though ... something's wrong there.

Speaking of wrong just image Jeff Z in this riding kit. It makes my head ache to think of it. Wait, it can't be Jeff Z, she's riding, and I mean riding, a mountain bike. And we all know he rocks a Redline. Bastard.

Speaking of Jeff Z, and the Glo-Stick Brothers, I think that Jeff Z, aka Redline Bastard, is the featured rider in this video below. Check it out, it looks just like him.

It's a long video, but it's worth watching the whole thing - especially the end when they are captured by hill people, tortured a little bit, and thne escape on their bikes when the meth lab explodes. It's kinda of like what's going to happen tonight. It's called 11 mile.

Now which one of those kits am I going to wear tonight?


  1. Team Glow Stick is ready to rock and glow tonight, we’ll light the way.

  2. Any idea what the roads are like? Will they be mud soup? I'm in if y'all put your fenders on!

  3. With that outfit on you're going to need fenders K, otherwise you'll have some scratchy g-string thing going on, brother.

  4. Dude, she has her fenders on! Have to protect the baby soft....see ya tonight.