Monday, March 28, 2011


While I have been anxiously awaiting news from the BRX (I have not personally received any) I found this waiting for me on FB this morning. Created by Bark C (let me know you're the name of your video production company so I can give you full credit) it shows a kind of "cut them off at the pass" type of finish normally associated with old westerns where the bad guys cut ahead of the good guys and bushwack them before they cross the finish line. While the commentator noted "that sucks" I'm not sure who it sucked for. The guys who ducked across the line first (maybe they would have been way ahead anyway if they hadn't taken a wrong turn) or the guys that got cut off at the pass. Any way, this is a usual "wrong way" finish and happens quite often bike racing.

No sooner had I finished the above posting, I discovered a video interview with the guy (Mike Anderson) on CyclingDirt, that cut the others off at the pass and essentially bushwacked them at the line. Seems like a nice guy, and a good sportsman. It appears that "cutting them off at the pass" is not acceptable and he was disqualified (he would have been 3rd!) which means he won't be getting any Hammergel. Still he took it really well, hats off to him. I can't really figure out why 'bushwacking' in a Killer Gravel Road race is off the table. Muh!


  1. Thinking of riding tonight. Probably won't need lights. Anybody up for it, or is everyone retired for the road season?

  2. I’m in tonight, short race recap below….

    BR was great fun, but very cold in the morning, as cold as any of our CB rides this past winter. I rode with my heavy boots, mittens stuffed with hand warmers, and ear covers. It turned out to be the right attire; I stayed comfortable for the entire ride.

    The biggest challenge was negotiating through all the stray water bottles, one about every twenty feet. Being my first road race, I just rode a steady pace and survived.

    I spoke with Chuck and Patrick before the start, thanks for the words of encouragement. I also rode across Roxanne on Wilkins Rd., young Harrison from the Speed Merchants on Yeckley Rd., (sorry man, I called you Christensen, I always get those Ivy League names mixed up), and Rob on his lefty rolling up Gun Lake Rd., all riding strong and looking good.

    Fun race!


  3. You actually rode across Roxanne? Did she yell or anything? I would have been pissed.

    No lights? Whatcha think? Can we do it?

  4. Yes, we can do it...I'll be lightless.