Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What's that in the sky? A bird? A plane? No ... it's light! Yeah, we made it through most of the ride last night without the assistance of artificial lighting devices. Here we are crossing Belding Road in what appears to be daylight. The funny part was hardly anyone could tell where we were because they could see where we were. Does that make sense? Perfect Bastard sense, that's what sense it makes.

Showing nice organizational skillz crossing the road - ya think?

By the time the ride was done, it was dark. Yeah dark follows light once again ... plus the addition of a little mud. There was some mud, but not big loads. Rob shows off a nice smatter on his face. You know I think spas charge for mud packs on your face. Out here they're free. Eat your hearts out girls.

A pox on me. Or, what, that's just mud.

Big Mac collected his bad-self a little brown splatter. Let's hope it was from the road, and not Steve's refried bean experience from lunch ...

I see you. Can you see me? Are you digging my Glow Stick look?

Speaking of bad-ass. It just keeps getting badder and badder doesn't it? Big Mac pulls off the glasses and gives us the look. Where's my CSI Miami "Sunglasses" montage?

Yeah ladies, here I am. Mr. Glow Stick II, to you.

You wonder how could he be any badder, or any more Glow Stickier. Well here's your answer. After the ride he was like Super Napolean Dynamite Glow Stick II.

Yeah, that's what I'm uh, talkin' about.

Speaking of even more bad-ass, and more Napolean Dynamite, check out Steve K's sweet-ass pants. Last time I saw leg coverings of this design quality was in Napoleon Dynamite, on the Tai Kwon "Do" martial arts instructor.

"Hey, howdaya like a round-house kick in the face from one of these bad-boyz?"

It's almost Steve was this guy! Uncanny isn't it?

Unfortunately when the rest of the crew tried that same "pants action" it turned out like this.

Yeah, we suck. And we know it.

Speaking of bad-boyz, once again all this speaking stuff, here's some bad boyz hanging out in the parking lot drinking some beerz. First lot drinking of the new year. Yeah, it's spring.

Steve and Rob tipping some Guiness. But who's the Glowstick on their left?

Glow stick I, calling Glow Stick II. Where are you Glow Stick II?

Thanks for the Guiness, My Goodness, Glowstick One, errrr, Redline Bastard. Not pictured from last night's ride: Randy & Friend, Steve B and Specialized Steve.


  1. Out tonight mudslinger..


  2. I'm riding tonight. Looks beautiful. It's so light I'm thinking of riding out. Anybody else in?