Thursday, March 10, 2011


Anybody ready to put their foot down for a probably muddy ride tonight?

Well, I am, I guess. Just power washed the bike after Tuesday's love fest.

It look a little bit like this. Nothing thick. Just juicy.

You gotta love the mud collector on the tail-end of the Arione, don't ya? Just hope I don't have to pry anything out of that tail--bag.

Oh, and one of our favorite riders commented on a thing called "FACE BOOK" that she thought that the young women featured in yesterday's post were not actually soccer players, and probably never played soccer in their lives. They are fact, according to our good friend, Soccer Player Impersonators. This could be. But I ask you, how could they do this if they weren't really soccer players? What else could you do to get such MAD SKILLZ?

See you fender mongers tonight.

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