Thursday, March 3, 2011


I don't know about you kids but I'm thinking it might be icy out tonight. I could put on my studded ice tires, which weigh about as much as the snow/ice tire pictured below.

Or I could get the motor bike out and slap some studded ice tires on it ...

Here I am making a turn onto Corrigan, throttle cracked open ...

Here's the sweet ICE-ICE Baby at rest.

And here's the business end of the sucker.

Or I could just chain up for max traction. Gee she's sweet, but hey, where f's the ice?

OOOOOOR, if I had a sweet pair (over $400 worth of tires) of Dugast Diablo Tires with ICE SPIKES like Piranha teeth, I might be persuaded into riding tonight. But I'm thinking I may just sit this one out. I smell crash happening.

1 comment:

  1. Bastards, it was so icy yesterday even my STUDS would not grab. The back roads were pure ice. Rode with one other un-named Bastard he fell in the parking lot, then had another spill that took me out causing too much damage to continue! I needed some of those spikes! Hope to see y'all Tuesday.