Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Surly Bastard and his teammates were caught performing some kind of satanic pre-ride ceremony. Very desperate move in deed, but it will not work dude; Team Glow Stick rules these roads…


  1. That's how team glowstick rolls... Ya better check yourself before you wreck yourself

  2. Big Mac, we could have used your help last night. Surly was once again playing the bully on the playground. He splashed everyone in the puddles, took cuts in the pace line, and even packed mud between Kahuna’s fenders and tires so his wheels wouldn’t turn. Too top it all off, he grabbed the last Asia Carp fillet from my basket at the Honey Creek and scoffed it down. Fortunately, he couldn’t reach my pint of Guinness, but he did take my napkin and wiped the tarter sauce off his lower lip with a smirk. Damn him!!