Friday, March 18, 2011


While most of you were sitting at home in your green underwear reading on your computer that "Winter Riding" is officially over, or sitting in a bar drinking green beer or eating green pancakes, a few of us, Craig (aka Flying Bats - Sid), Specialized Steve, Travis aka Fangs McGee aka Stumps McGee, Steve Yellow Red, Big Mac and his wife Sarah, on her first ride on her new Redline, were enjoying some outstanding weather, wind, rain, and yeah, a little mud.

Somebody likes their new cyclocross bike, don't they?

Sarah showing off her new bike. Thanks to Adam McIntyre (could they be Irish?) for the photos. Looks like Sarah is going to be racing some cross next year.

Yup, she's Irish.

So off we rode, into the night, well it wasn't quite that dark. We could have almost made the whole 2.5 hours and big loop up north, without artificial light.

Car up! Yeah we could see him coming.

Nice shot, shaky. Hey it's art, okay?

This shot wasn't shaking because of the cold, that's for sure. At one point I had to take of my hat (a few of us did) and gloves to cool off. Temperatures were up in the 60's?

Less blur, buy more limestone slur' on the road.

It did get darker.

And darker.

And then we were back in the lot. Here's the standard "muddy boot" photo.

Travis, aka Fang McGee and so on aka ... looking like he was rode hard and put away wet.

She was St Paddilicious, yeah she was.

Back at the Honey Creek St. Patrick's Day was in full Green swing, though not as packed as I thought it would be. Still you could see by the trail of green beer and corned-beef-cabbage vomit in the lot it really was St. Paddy's Day in Cannonsburg.

Robin took a magic St. Paddy's Day shot ...

And turned into this! Hey where's Robin?

Hope you all enjoyed your green pancakes and beer. I'm off to powerwash that cornedbeef and Guiness slurry off my bike ...


  1. The next visitor will the 35,000 since June. Let us know who you are and you'll win a prize. Maybe.

  2. I hated to miss it last night. just got in too late. hey check out the Mexican Cross TT.
    It is insane. I did get a road ride in today. See ya next week.

  3. Thanks Kahuna ... you on the road, or are you ready for a little more CB riding? By that I mean did you take the steel and fenders off your bike ...

  4. Steel is off. Fenders are on still, waiting for the rain rides of spring. I have the road machine out and warming up. Going to take her for a little spin with PH this morning.