Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crazy Crosstober - Bite the Pillow It's Coming in Rough!

Adam Mac's latest creation. How does he make his videos so damn smooth, even when it's rougher than hell? That's a Big Mac secret-video-sauce-secret you'll never know!

A quick report on this last week's cyclocross race action which included a double-race-weekend in Kensington. Like most of the six races we've hit already this season, with the exception of the Grand Prix of Ithaca, these have been rough bastards - especially on a delicate and old Crazy Bastard like me. While the ground at Kensington wasn't as smooth as I would have liked, I have to let the promoters off the hook as the Metro Park people pulled the rug out from under them at the last moment and stuck them with a crappy piece of ground, and not the one they wanted, for this extended weekend. The result was a dusty and dirty ass-kickingly tough and rough course - but the layout was excellent, and as I look back it was still fun to be there. 

The Funny-Bunny-Money-Man-Bunny. Yeah you know you're at a real cross race when you see some guy trippin's balls at the start of the Killer Beeze in a full-on bunny suit. Who was that Bunny that beat me so they all said ...

Unfortunately I don't have any action photos since I was busy when the action was going on. If you go to Ten Mile Media you'll find plenty of  West Side and Crazy Bastards on course including: Nancy Lange, Cupcake, Amy Haney, Slayer (aka Jeff Haney), Adam Mac and me, totally sucking ass. Take a close look at the sprint finish photo on day one between Das German and Adam-Dope-York. York killed it 2-days in a row and looks like the Michigan Elite to beat in 2012. Queen Anne is also back in top form and is the woman to beat this year, as well. Stop by TMS and see what they're saying about it. I'm sure it's hate-filled and ranting. Yeah, we like it.

He's back and badder than ever! And he's still Bob, thank God! he did so many races in two days he almost bled to death from pinning numbers on. Yeah we gave him a transfusion of Cyctomax, GU, and designer artisan coffee.

Yeah, it's the first time we've seen Bob this season, and we were getting worried. The Hard Man of Michigan Cyclocross Bob did an unbelievable 8-races in two days! (C-Men 40+ 30-min., B-Men 40+ 45-min., 45+ Masters 60-min., Single Speed 30-min.)  It's more racing than I've done in a month and I've been to five more races than Bob! And he did it all on a course that had me whimper like a freakin'  baby. Fuck you Bob, you make me look like I suck. I guess because I do.

Adam, Day-1. Day-2 should have seen him on the Big Red One, but ...

Tastes like victory, almost. One Day-2 he got bit in the ass.

Big Mac raced like a champ pulling out a nice third on day one with some spectacular last minute tactics that put him on the podium. On Day-2, his tired legs lit up half-way through the race and he jumped off the lead group to take a commanding lead and an insurmountable gap of about 30-seconds that had him a lock for his first Tailwind Victory ever! Well almost ...

On his way to a win, there was only one thing that could stop him. And it did. Flat!

Adam running it in. From first-to-not, just like that. He did get a big hand from the crowd and the rest of the Bs that stopped by to tip their cap. They were beat, and they knew it. But shit happens.

My prize for the weekend of poor efforts and dying in a sprint for something like 33rd? A cup of this sweet artisan coffee that's ground by hand and pour through some drip cup that takes for ever. I think they even heat the water with a fire they start by rubbing two sticks together. 

I had one of these both days. It was yummy. Like moving to Portland and living in an episode of Portlandia.

Planning on riding tonight? Launch time is 6:30, and my guess is you might need lights.


  1. In the beginning of the Mac's video you'll see Anne and Kelley killin' it. Because of the way they're staging the races the women are in front and getting caught by the B leaders. Adam was looking for a good place to get by without interfering with their race when a couple of guys jump in. Ugh. Oh well, nobody's fault. I hear they're going to start the Elite Women later. Good idea.

  2. Adam will get his day - awesome racing with good people!

  3. I love hate and pain.