Monday, October 15, 2012

Lowah Huron: Go Away! Can't You See I'm Racing?

It's good to be Queen Ann. This is Her Ladyship, Lower Huron 2012: "Not now you cheesy little blogger! I'm on the phone with someone far more important than you!" Well, Ann who isn't more important than me. I with you there. And congratulations on another great ride and win. Queen Ann reigns, even in the rain. Or even when it doesn't rain. 

Speaking of rain, it was almost "Biblical" with like 40-hours and 40 minutes of rain before race day. This is shot from the balcony of my luxurious Four-Star Hotel. I was up all night sharpening the fangs on my Limus tires for what I thought would be an epic mud race the next day.

In the morning the rain stopped and this was the only water to be found on the course, which this tiny cyclocross racer found and started playing in immediately. Yeah, no rain, 70+ degrees, it was almost balmy. The Lower Huron course was drained and there was very little mud anywhere and the grass was purrrrrfect. One of my favorite courses of all time. Great to have it back on the calendar.

Here's a great look at the course in Adam's latest video. It's the last lap and he has been leading for the entire race. Just as they entered the last lap Brad Lako bridged up from the chasing group and latched on to Adam and pulled to the front. Jump on board for a great look at this fantastic course, and the exciting finish. Guess who wins?

Early in the race Big Mac pulled out a gap. This was probably it. Brad Lako is right behind, paddling a bit. It took him five laps to catch Adam.

And here's how it all finished. See the video for how it looked from Adam's handlebars.

Just in case you thought they were racing for 6th or something, here's the podium of the Men's U-39 2-3-4s.

Adam with more hardware in 2012. I think the Michigan Scene said he might get a few podiums. I'd think again TMS.

In other Lower Huron new, The Killer Chihauhua brought his own team, Team Mustache, Mr. Mustache Guy, and his lovely wife to the race.

Has cupcake gone over to Team Mustache? She was rocking these Mustache socks in the Women's Elite Race.

Here's Cupcake, and her Team Mustache Socks, stepping on the gas and coming toward the Start/Finish pavement. Remember pavement in cyclocross? Yes, it's back where it belongs.

I'm still having delusions of thinking that I'm still "all that" and starting in the front row. I managed to take out about four racers in the first turn onto the grass. Think I feel bad about it? No way! 

Proof that I actually finished a race for a change. Looks like I'm still in the hooks from the gun to the final lap. Did I ever get out of them? Lazy Bastard.

Can you say hole shot? Sarah McIntyre puts the spurs to her bike at the start of the Women's Cat 4. Why is that woman on the right laughing? Doesn't she know this is supposed to hurt? I'll have her talk to Slayer.

The Battle of Cat 4 Women continues. Sarah and Nancy slugging it out on the back stretch heading to the lower level of Lower Huron. It's the low point of the race, down in fun-land by the river. Somewhere out on course these two got tangled up and started gouging each other eyes.

Here's what goes on in the Women's races when you're not looking. Yeah it's tough out there - and they're no ladies out there!

See what I mean? Nancy and Sarah made it onto the podium but they are still looking for the winners body down by the river ...


  1. Dude... that's about as much fun as I've had on two wheels in a long time.... thanks for posting.

  2. Hi Marc, Thanks for the photo opp, and the shout out. What a great glamour shot. Next time give me a little warning and I'll be sure to have some spinach stuck in my teeth, and cross my eyes for you, and try to look a bit more knock knee'd. Anne Schwartz