Friday, October 26, 2012

What's Stopping You This Race Weekend? Plus 5-Year Old World Cross Champ

Disc-hater wearing a canti-hater shirt? Wuz-up dummy?

A disc brake denier (cross bikes/road bikes) I'm proud to rock my disc brake hate on my new Can't Stop Won't Stop shirt (meant denigrate canti's but I'm not taking it that way.)

No discs and senseless stopping power here.

Will it rain? Snow? Sleet? Hurricane? You can be sure that if there's any precipitation at all that these sweet carbon rims will be absolutely dope, as in not-dope, when they get slicked up without the benefit of discos. But who cares? I'm so slow it probably won't matter.

Hi, how are you? Can't you see me waving at you?

On the way to the race today (Lake Orion-Tailwind Saturday and Sunday) I saw this guy waving at me. I had to drive around to the other side to see just what he (or she wanted).

Hey you going to the race too? Well I was ... guess what stopped me? 

My guess that what stopped him wasn't canti or disc brakes, but something like a 30-30 or something even bigger, which has a helluva lot more stopping power than some dumb brakes.

When you're a world champ you probably don't need no stinking brakes. I hope this kid isn't at Lake Orion this weekend - he'd probably kick my ass. Five years old and so pro! Sickening. Cute. But sickening.

No matter how old you are, enjoy your riding this weekend.

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  1. havent laughed that hard in a long time. great video!!