Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It's the worst time of year to get the layers, clothing and "glovage" just right for a comfortable ride, I think. Too warm, too cold, I never seem to get it right during this transition season. Above, I try to beat the odds by carrying 3-sets of gloves. Usually the pair that's just right for the night's temperature falls out of my pocket around mile four, and I'm f*cked for the rest of the night. If I can get my glovage right I may ride tonight.

Wear your crazy face to this one no matter what the weather. Mad Anthony is coming up this weekend and no matter how hot or cold you think you are, you should be there for the number one cross race in Michigan. It's amazing how this nutty thing has taken off and taken hold, located inside and outside old Fort Wayne on the south side of Detroit. Also make sure you check back here this week, we're having a little get together near the venue (a safe house) right after the race. We're going to meet up with our East-Side buddies. It's being put together by the the Flying Rhinos, and the restaurant/bar/pub is really cool. Yeah, they've got class, those Rhinos. Even though they are Purple ...

Who's going to be at Mad Anthony? This guy? Probably not. I hear he can't race until he gets his tire inflator dialed in (I like to call my tire inflator a "Gasser" since I pump an exotic mixture of explosive hydrogen and laughing gas into my tires). Who comes will also depend on if the Yankees get instant replay before the end of the series with Detroit. How the Yankees can even think of playing without instant replay everything, and a dialed in gasser, is beyond me. Big babies ...

While I TOTALLY dig the Mad Anthony race poster if I was going to do a cross race this is what my race poster would look like. I'd call my race Crazy Connie's Crash Cup, or something like that. When you scratch the poster you'd smell Axe Body Spray, scented candles (already lit) and an Adele song would play in an endless loop. Yeah I'm a sensitive guy. I am. I really am. If you don't believe me, watch this ... Bond, James Bond.

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