Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting Schooled: Two Days of Tailwind's Lake Orion

John Osgood out of the saddle and driving hard on the backside of the course. Great photo that really shows-off  Michigan Cyclocross at its best and most beautiful by Gail Osgood.

While I haven't exactly been killing it on these two-day races that have been filling the cross calendar this season, I have got to say that I like these two-day crossaganzas that Tailwind has been knocking out this year. This one, at Lake Orion High School, was a great venue, and I certainly like to have a second shot at it, having really blown both days with crashes and poor riding. Smooth grass, lots of off-camber, punchy hills, some sand, great facilities (warm locker rooms and bathrooms!) good announcing and race support by the Tailwind folks, really made this race enjoyable. The area is also good for restaurants and shopping, if you have family that digs that kind of thing.

Adam McIntyre puts on the Face of Anger for Day Two at Lake Orion. Day One was a Stomach of Anger race so your face would have to look sick or look like you were looking for a bathroom.


On day two Adam took the top step of the podium in the Men's B race after pulling nice a second place day one.

Sarah McIntyre running the sand on day two. Day one you could ride it. Or crash in it, like knuckle heads did.

Apparently she ran fast enough to jump onto the podium! Nice work Sarah! (I also wanted to put up podium shots of Anne Swartz, Day Two winner, and Marne Smiley on Day one, but couldn't find one. Great racing in the Women's ranks, both days.)

John Osgood was racing great on both days but had to work harder one day two to overcome a couple of crashes.

Here some guys that could school anyone. Nice looking Elite Men's Podium, with Sven on top, Paramalee second and the Pony third. Great to see Michael Wissink back again.

Me, I generally sucked both days, which was a shame since this was great course to waste. Here I am approaching the exact spot where I somehow was able to completely End-O, for no particularly good reason on day one. Well done, dorkface you suck!

You don't have to take my word for the quality of the course, just watch this wild one lap ride of the B-Men's Race with Big Mac - one of the best I think. After riding this thing myself I can't believe how fast these guys handle some of these these turns and off-cambers.

Thinking of riding tonight? It's looking chilly and wet. I may do it if it isn't raining. Cold is one thing. Wet is another. Cold and Wet is pretty tough way to roll-out in my book. With ICE MAN closing in fast I'm sure the pace will be coming back to normal and it may even be time bring back Single Speed Tuesday! Let me know what you think.


  1. Nice review and video. If you get a chance check out the 7.5 miles of singletrack we have on school property that runs through the woods there. Also we will be having our 6th annual winter race on Feb 2.

  2. Thanks Steve - great venue - hope I get another chance at it next year. What's the winter race?

  3. LOHS Dragon GAP Super Saturday Winter Mountain Bike Race


  4. Per Adam's request: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G45B1Jjc-oI