Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Art Prize

VOTE ART PRIZE: 108236 River Bottom Bike 
By the Grand River Van Gogh Brothers

I don't think there is a better way to see Art Prize than by bike. You can circumnavigate the madding crowds, zip in and out of congested traffic (when does the bus for Kentwood leave, again?) and ride by the Way Finders without having to ask them another stupid question - they've had quite enough, thank you. The first art I found along the way was this great bike art, pictured above, created by the Grand River Van Gogh Brothers. I thought, this is the winner in my book. 

The Van Gogh Brothers creating art, one sunken bike at a time, from the bottom of the Grand River, somewhere along North Monroe.

The work of the Van Gogh brothers is simply breathtaking - and kind of stinky since the bikes have been rotting at the bottom of the Grand River for decades.

More fine examples of their work. The Van Gogh Brothers said they had pulled up something like 3--50 bikes in one day. Not to mention a few safes.

An artist's tools in the hands of a master. While some artists may use paint brushes and chisels, the Van Gogh Bros. use a hook and pipe wrench attached to stout ropes. Now that's artistry!

Even though I considered the competition closed after the discovering the Van Gogh Brother's River Bottom Bikes, I continued on my Art Prize journey. Sure there was a lot more crap to see, and most of it above the water, I couldn't help thinking what real Art Prizes were rotting away under water!

Like what about this stuff? I couldn't figure it out at all. I'm thinking about 5-years in river bottom muck would help this exhibition out significantly.

This was kinda of cool. But I didn't have all day waiting for a bird to run into it. I'm guessing that's the idea, right?

I did a drive-by of the Bob Parking lot "Art" feature a giant Lobster-Crab (is it on the menu in the Fish House?). A quick inspection of the stuff inside the Bob Lot revealed a giant outdoor gift shop like you'd find in Lake City, complete with sniveling kids and pissed off parents. Again, the best part of touring Art Prize on two-wheels is you can escape quickly!

ART PRIZE VOTE: 208123 Messy Dog
Artist: Mr. Mustard

This was another one of my favorite Art Prize installations, created by Mr. Mustard under the umbrella. Not only were the colors right on, but this exhibit smelled and tasted great!

Tailer Art! Somehow I think I've seen this before - and done much better by a true trailer-craftsman.

The Cyclocross Trailer by Big Mac

Yeah, I like this trailer much better. Neater job and it has a purpose. Adam should win this category hands down.


This was another favorite of mine, though I think I have seen it before. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the aritis's depression over the impending NHL lockout? Anyway, he needs to get hustling, he's a little behind on the installation.

 VOTE ART PRIZE: 108236 River Bottom Bike 
By the Grand River Van Gogh Brothers

Anyway, after seeing practically none of the other exhibitions at this year's Art Prize, I don't know how you could beat the work of the Grand River Van Gogh Brothers with a grappling hook. As they say in Chicago, vote and vote often!

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