Friday, October 26, 2012

Big Mac Mad Anthony Video and I'm Changing My Name

The Farm Team Preparing for last night's ride.

 Beautiful weather, that we may not see again for awhile. Shorts and short sleeves. Even skinsuits! Those Farm Teamers know how to roll, don't they? See above. Bonnie is checking her "Training with Power Data, while Shawn Davison and Dan Jansen wait, enjoying all the power they have.

Nice ride last night with plenty of ICEMAN trainers out training in beautiful weather. I took a short loop, with a small group, that appeared to be totally uninterested in breaking the Golden Two Hour mark, preparing for weekend of racing in Lake Orion. While the race is put on by Tailwind, Day 1 will be a Stomach of Anger Series Race (with SOA points) and I'm guessing Tailwind Points. Day 2 will be a Tailwind only points race. Since I don't have points in either one, I'm not too worried about it, but just in case you are ...


While this great on board race video of Mad Anthony has been up for a couple of days, I haven't had time post it here I've been working so hard on having my name officially changed. It's harder than you think! There's a lot of paper work and all those tattoos that have to be altered. But more about that later. Take a ride with Adam as he rocks the Crazy, Nutty, Insane Mad Anthony course. After all this he took the second step. Well done!

Julie McGraw Photo - while riding at Cascade last week I was still Surly Bastard - but no more!

It's official - due to popular demand, and the Biketorch's Lower Huron Highlight Video, I am changing my biking Identity and Name from Surly Bastard to THAT BISSELL GUY (Again)!

If you want to get your name changed, confidentially, call Sam. As you can see he names the names, and changes them too! Thanks Sam!

For those of you who missed the epic video event that lead to my name change here is is again ...

Also, if you watched the above video and have a bad taste left in your mouth from having to watch Cat 4 racers race, here's something a bit more fun - watching Cat 4 racers race from the sky. The Whirl Bird Race coverage is back, and that's always fun - but, actually, this year, I'm starting to get over it. I think the toy helicopter has to come down and start buzzing the riders or shooting them with toy machine guns. Maybe they could put a speaker in the Whirly Bird so they could heckle the riders from above, or maybe drop bacon on them like "hand-up bacon poops from the sky!"

Well there's plenty of racing and riding everywhere this weekend. Check out the Lowell 50, which I believe is this weekend. Good luck!

Yours Truly, the guy formerly know as Surly Bastard,

That Bissell Guy (again)!


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