Friday, December 16, 2011


It's not the number of races you do in a season, or how you finish, it's all about the number of safety pins you use.

So these are only a few of the races I made this year. It's fun to look back and remember how each one unfolded. How well I did. How much I sucked. How much fun it all was. It's all great to go over in your own mind (like we all do) but wouldn't it be nice if somebody recorded your whole season and boiled it down to a short video with some rockin' music under it?

Yeah, man that would be cool. Kinda of like this Ben Berden guy got in this video I found on Mud and Cowbells this morning. I mean sure the guy is a great cyclocross racer and all' (check out the sprint and the soft tubulars squirming all over the road - yikes!), and he has all sorts of crazy tats on his neck that I'll never have, and he's skinny as shit, like I'll never-ever be, but so the f*ck what? Why no video for me? Does no one care? Is there no love? Is there no, nothing? I hope all of you will be be as jealous as I was when I saw this.

While I'm sure I'll never get a tribute video, I did get some free food last night at the Fundy Undy Party last night at McFanggens. (The bar is named after our own McFangs who didn't show last night, tsk, tsk.)

Yum. But what is it? Fat and grease. Stick that fork in my ass, my season's done if I eat this.

The waitress asked me what I thought about the buffet table food last night at the fundraiser. I told her while tasty, it was possibly the worst fare ever for a bunch of diet-obsessed cyclists you could think of - double-deep fried onion rings and some piece of folded dough filled with greasy fat. The wine I bought, was absolutely okay, though.

I'll have a full report on the Fundy Party (which is a good cause), photos of the Cycling Celebutards that attended and some other Cycling Party reports from other events that will be going on this weekend.

Also this weekend is the LAST DAMN CX RACE @ WATERFORD, which I have to admit is a great name for a race. I'll be trying my hand at this. Those worried about mud and all don't have to worry. I'm told that the surface has held up nicely and promises that no "deep bike cleaning" will be required.

I'll have this and a party report, plus a whole load of cross videos I've been compiling for the end of the season when, and if I return.

Have a good weekend, you Crazy Bastards! Hope to see you at the LAST DAMN RACE.

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