Saturday, December 24, 2011


Oh what fun is is to glue, in a really cold garage, HEY!

So while everyone else is wrapping Christmas presents this self-centered Bastard™ will be in the garage gluing up these things (Challenge XS File Treads) pictured above for a race next week just in case there's ice, snow, or just frozen sand. They are the equivalent of the Michelin Jets I ride all winter, so a tubular version, in my favorite tire I thought made sense.

I hope all you Bastards have a wonderfully, and Merry Christmas, and before heading out to the garage to breath glue fumes, set myself on fire with my propane heater, and drink beer, I'll leave you with the latest videos for your holiday enjoyment.

The first is another one of those Petitereines video on Women's World Cup, which has been posted up on Face Book. Maybe you've seen it. If you know any aspiring female cross racers, make sure they see this. It will either scare them or get them hooked.

Now here's a little video about what goes on behind the scenes of a race like this when it's over. Here Mo Bruno Roy (Bob's Red Mill) teaches us how to get a white skin suit white again. Are you watching Etho Bastard?

No with this week's (Week #14) WHO'S #1 with Colt the Dirtiest on Cycling Dirt. Always funny, always informative.

Now this is kinda a commercial (but since I seem to be growing ads on this blog like fungus, eh?). This is a Specialized video on the USGP in Bend. Nice video, great music. Sit back, have some Egg Nog, and enjoy. I'm on my way to the Glue Cave now ...

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