Saturday, December 3, 2011


This is where I get all my weather information. Unfortunately I have no idea what the f*cks she's talking about. And frankly, I don't care.

Could tomorrow bring deep, dark chocolate mud tomorrow? Looks yummy. Better start spraying the PAM on my shoes now.

Or maybe, will it be soupy milk chocolate mud? That's going to look good on the white skinsuit, for sure. Better start spraying the PAM on the bike now.

My bet is whether it starts out as snow, or stays with rain, we might see something that looks like any of the above  flavors of mud. I'm just wondering  if the ground at the fairgrounds will soften up this much or if we'll be on top of it, slithering around.

No matter what, I think I'm going to be rolling these bad boys tomorrow. They may not be Rhinos, but they're close enough for me.

I don't know what it's doing in Davisburg right now, but the rain is coming down here. While I've done a few State Championship in snow up to my ears,  but I don't know if I remember one with much more than just a little muddy slop on top. Could this be the year  where the worm turns (up)?

Maybe JB will be able to pull out his mad-mud skillz from Holland last week (this photo a couple of years old), and slay it.

Or will we be just seeing a lot of this from the girls and the boys.

Maybe the women's muddy soccer team be there to roll around on the goooey ground? It's like the half-time entertainment, right?

Maybe if there is snow, and lots of it, The Farmer will show up with his Fat Bike. Here's the Fat Bike on mud. Um, yeah I don't think so. Would that thing even be legal? Maybe - if you're talking 33 inches around on those tires.

If it's really crappy, what will become of the Orange Crush? What will be waiting for you at the bottom of that ramp?

Maybe this? (Yeah glad I didn't clip in after all.)

Will this guy show up to claim his reward for a season of great racing? You know who I mean ...

Time to start playing the Reign of Blood tune, Slayer.


Osi Good Kross-Kanobi knows a lot when it comes to 'cross, but does he know what tomorrow will bring?

There's only one person who knows all the answers to all these questions for sure. And that person is Osi Good Kanobi? Close, but not quite ....

Is it Genius Sleeping Sherpa Dog? Does she know what will be? Nope ...

Does Twisted-Naked Pretzel Lady know? I don't think so, but it's worth asking.

The Cyclocross Chef of Knowledge knows all, deep fries all.

No, the only one who knows for sure is the Cyclocross Chef of Knowledge. His Magic Tongs of Knowing tell him the forecast for tomorrow is 100% CHANCE OF AWESOME!

See you there under the Crazy Bastard Cross Flag of poor taste and bad decisions. Be there!


  1. Another test on the background. I have to find the source for this photo. Still checking. Let me know what you think.

  2. I think the time of me slayin' it is long gone... Unless you're talking about chocolate chip cookies.