Thursday, December 15, 2011


Jeff Noftz - the King of Kinetic Systems Bicycles in Clarkston, Michigan, (pictured above) along with Robert Linden of long-time Tailwind fame, invite you to another Cyclocross Race at the Waterford Raceway, in Waterford, Michigan this Sunday, December 18, 2011. The low-key race festivities start at noon. You can call these crazy people at 248-625-7000 for more information about this crazy race.

Directions to Waterford Hills Race Track:

From I-75, take the Sashabaw Road Exit (#89) and go south on Sashabaw about 2 miles to Pelton Rd (first right after Maybe Rd). Turn right and take Pelton until it ends at Waterford Rd. Turn left and proceed to the Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club gates on the left and enter.
Waterford Track Address: 4770 Waterford Rd., Waterford, MI, 48346

(This found this on the Michigan Scene: here's more race details - Race Starts at Noon, A&B Race one minute apart. Only $10! Hell, just read it yourself.)

But just remember here's who you will be dealing with if you race. Think he's in his right mind having another cyclocross race this weekend? Look at him. I think he's got Crazy Eye™, doesn't he?

And here's where it all ends for guys like Jeff. Yikes. I wonder if she'll be racing Sunday. Bet she is.

So when you thought it was safe to start eating donuts and drinking beer 24/7, there's another damn race to do. But I'll probably be there. Looking like this after only a few days after my last race.

"Yeah, how many pounds of pressure do you need in your fancy tubulars now you big wise-ass, I mean fat-ass?"

Now that you know you have to get racing again to keep your amazing level of fitness and the edge on your mad cross skilz for Nationals and then Worlds maybe you should take a look Cycling Dirt's Who's #1 and try to figure out where you fit in. Excuse me I had to stop and laugh. Oh yeah, Who's #1 with Colt - always funny, always informative, and  this week it has a special shout out to our own Marnie Smiley for winning an UCI race in Tennessee of all places.

(Annual Team Priority Health Event to Benefit Mel Trotter Ministries)

 No, the annual Priority Health fundy-undy party tonight won't look anything like this. Will it?

There's the Undy-Fundy Fundraising Party tonight at 7:00 pm at McFadden's in downtown Grand Rapids. This is a the party where you bring some new underwear (men's) to donate to the Mel Trotter Mission. It's always a nice cyclist get-together (for a good cause). For more information go here.

 I believe I'll be there so don't look for me at the regularly scheduled Crazy Bastard ride tonight (though I'm trying to get out early, do a muddy lap on the SS and run home.)

Since this fundraiser is dedicated to underwear I thought it would be wise to show you how UNDERWEAR can kill. This is very important, I think, for those of us in the Masters + + + Categories. Thank goodness tonight's fundy raiser is men's underwear and not women's. I've got to race Sunday!

Hope to see you tonight, with your underwear on where it should be, as well as in your hands. Also I hope to see you at the race on Sunday.

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  1. The Mel Trotter would be cool. Hadn't thought of that. I'll do the ride though if anybody else shows.