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Open: MBRA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - this is the overall director position and all areas of running the MBRA fall under this position.  The full five member MBRA Board (Exec Director, VP, Director of Officials, Director of Jrs Racing, Director of Womens Racing) also oversees the MBRA business. This position was formerly held by Joe Lekovish.
While I try to keep this blog free of politics and good taste, there's a time when you just have to break the rules. Even if you don't have any rules. This year the MBRA will be electing a new MBRA Director, as Joe Lekovish steps down (more about that guy later.) Here at Crazy Bastards headquarters our choice for MBRA Director is Kim Kordecki. 
Vote Kim Kordecki (she's in the green coat) before the December 6th deadline to be your new MBRA Director. Or you'll have to answer to Betty.
I'm sure just about everyone in the Michigan Cycling community knows Kim, and has probably raced in or ridden in one of the many races or cycling events she has organized, helped organized, or directed over the past decade. These cycling events would include the Rockford Criterium, Michigan State Championship Criterium-Tour de Gas Light, Grand Cycling Classic-U.S. National Criterium Championship, local cross races, the weekly Grand Rapids Time-Trial, the 100 Grand, Colorburst, and even a month of the Grattan Series, just to mention a few.

I think her experience as a race organizer will be a great benefit to the position, and understanding the needs of Race Directors, and racers. I think she would be able to keep the momentum that Joe Lekovish (more about that guy later) has created for the cycling race scene, here in Michigan, going strong.

If there had been more lead time before the election, (actually there was but I was too lazy to do anything) I was planning on making some shirts like this - only with Vote For Kim on it. But since voting ends on December 6th, and is limited to MBRA Board Members, and Officials, and Team Race Directors, I canned the idea. Another reason I'll never hold any kind of political office. Yes, you can sleep soundly knowing  that will never happen.


I think it's safe to say that things really turned around under the directorship of Joe Lekovish. The race calendar blossomed with new and exciting races, and his energy was really felt through the race scene, here in Michigan. As we vote in a new director I  think we really owe Joe a round of applause for all the hard work he's done - and all the bitching he's had to listen to over the years. Well done Joe - now for a little trip down Joe's Memory Lane.

Here's Joe in the "Golden Oldie" Sunrise Sports team kit. Note that he has a very  pained look on his face as he chases a very fast Scott Chambers over the barriers.

Here's Joe, again with the pained look, racing 'cross in the moonlight. The kit is newer.

 Here's Joe lining us up at the new SOA race in Lansing. No longer a pained look on his face, I think he was actually laughing at us - I mean me.

Here's a Mad Anthony start with just a few racers at the line ... I think Joe's in yellow, just about to get run down.  This race drew more racers than any other cyclocross race in Michigan (200+) this year - maybe the most at a Michigan cyclocross race ever? Joe has had a lot to do with making this race a big success. I'm guessing it will be an even bigger draw next year.

Enough about Joe and cyclocross racing. He's a road racer as well. And how did his road racing workout for him? The photo above tells you something about it.

Here's Joe sitting in (in green kit) waiting to make his move ...

This is Mobile MC Joe. Like the Budmen plate and paint job. It's how he rolls.

While I don't have a nice headshot of Joe, this is close enough and kind of looks like Joe in a weird sort of way. Yeah it could be him. Thanks for the hard work Joe! You can trim those 'burns now. Job well done.

See what I mean? Just like him.

THE MBRA DETAILS (if you care, and if you're an official or a race director or Michigan Cycling Club Director, you should, I guess):

The MBRA Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, December 10th in East Lansing at the Kellogg Center in the Michigamme Room (same location as in 2010) on the Michigan State University campus.
9am - 11am Officials Meeting (Open to licensed USAC Officials only)
1pm - 4 pm Promoters Meeting
4pm-5pm General/Jrs Racing/Womens Racing Meeting 
This is a change from the date that was informally communicated earlier in the year.  Our appologies for the delay and late notice.
This meeting is primarily for USAC road race event promoters, but the meeting is open to all interested individuals.
The #1 objective is to finalize the 2012 race calendar.
The #2 objective is to finalize open positions for 2012


The first thing I would do is make a new flag for the MBRA: this would be it.

Aren't you glad I'm unelectable?

Vote for Kim before December 6th!

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