Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Planning on riding tonight. I'll post more photos of our fellow Bastard Racers, and their exploits, a little later. For now here are some videos, and a brief report on what I know for now ...

If you raced in Linden this past weekend here's a little, but not all of what you got.

If you raced in Chicago this weekend, well you gotta a whole of everything. I raced this race years ago and it was nowhere the what this beauty appears to be. I did riding through the cornfield. Shucks, that's plain dang awesome!

Well it wasn't all whining and crying. Somebody had a good time. And I can't say that I didn't have a good time because I did. Even though I sucked at racing this weekend. And I'm not going to make any excuses other than I just sucked. Sucked happens. That's why there's another race on the following weekend (thank you Stomach of Anger, Red Zone and Mad Anthony for filling in!!!!!). The course in Linden was different, and testing, and demanded more than just speed - it demanded some really awesome bike handling and the legs to jump out of one corner after another in a series of short and brutal straightaways that literally sucked the life out of you. I've sucked at this race two years in a row, and I'm starting to work now on learning on how to race this kind of course in the future. There's always something new to learn in cross, and that's the beauty of it. Still, I pretty much suck at these courses.

On the other side of the state, at the KissKross race there was lots of fun to be had and I'm glad to hear that the organizers (Werdy) put that awesome hill back in so you had something to do with your spare time (puking your guts out). I also heard that the ditch was back in and I'm guessing that it is all part of a KK cabel to destroy as many wheels and flat as many tires as possible; take for example last week's flat festival of the arts in Kalamazoo. To show you what the damage the ditch can do in the "wheel house" here's another wonderful video exhibit from our Crazy Bastard Videographer, Adam, Big Mac, McIntyre.


  1. Richmond...the hill, the ditch, the pavement. Turned out pretty good all in all.

    I'm not a fan of the ditch so there was an option to go around it for those that wanted to. I'd heard stories of Big Mac on his warm up before I actually saw the damage to his tubies. Sorry dude. Twisted metal sucks.

    We threw some off camber into the hill along with the short run up at the top. It was hard but made for a nice reward for the trip down afterward.

    Good weekend all around.