Friday, October 28, 2011


Have a happy Halloween, Halloween Cross Racers. We should be back here on Monday with plenty of race and silly costume race photos and hopefully some videos. Remember there's two days of racing in downtown Ann Arbor this weekend. I suggest you check it out at the Tailwind website - they'll have directions to the race, race times and all the categories (hey there's even a single speed race) - everything you need to get there and get going. There's also costume race on Saturday and a party house on the course with beer and food flowing all weekend long. This is one of my personal favorite courses, venues, and races of the year. If you have tried, I suggest you go, or put it on your list. It's this Saturday and Sunday.

There's a KISSCROSS racing going on this weekend and also the Lowell 50 Gravel Road Race put on by our friend Jeff Z. I'm not sure if registration is closed or not, but check it out with Jeff by visiting his website or BikeReg. Good luck Gravel Road Racers!

Also, speaking of gravel roads - nice ride last night - there was a little mud which actually washed off the bike! Thank God! I thought maybe it was permanent. Lots of people really pushing the pace to get in shape for that thing they call ICEMAN. There was also a bit more moderately paced group that made for enjoyable ride. Beautiful night for a ride.

Unless you have mad bike skillz like Jurrien aka Etho Bastard, above, and can fly over biking and body wrecking obstacles, I suggest you pick your courses carefully this weekend. Photo by Julie McGraw.

Be careful racing this Halloween. There is some racing out there this weekend that may be "trickier" than usual for your wheels, bikes and bodies - so use caution - especially if you're just starting out in cross about where you point that bike.

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