Friday, October 21, 2011


If the light had been on, this is what you would have seen on 7 mile last night. In some spots the slop was so deep and sticking I thought I was going to have to get off and walk. Speed was key in going in a straight line, and unfortunately, I didn't have any. What the SS lacked in topline performance, though, it made up in being a helluva lot easier to clean. A little cooler last night, it was time for a little warmer footwear.

So where have all the hardmen and hardwomen of West Michigan gone to? A rain drop and "poof" the gang is all rolled up and gone home. I'm guessing many of you were by the fire hugging the fat tires of your Mukluks, am I right? I'd call it Mukluk love ... maybe there should be song?

For those of you that don't know what a Mukluk is, here it is.

Mukluks are used for Snow riding, Adventures Racing, Sand riding, and Bushwacking, whatever that is ... sound NSFW, is what it sounds.

Here's Slayer trying out a Mukluk style bike. Think he'll be going to Alaska to race this winter? With zero body fat he better bundle up since Mukluk love is on the way. Oh by the way I did find a Mukluk song, just sing-along, and everytime you hear MUSKRAT, just substitute MUKLUK.

The Captain and Tennille sing MUKLUK LOVE

Back to the ride last night. Here are two of the five guys that weathered the weather. Jurrien, Etho-Bastard on the left in his insulated skin suit and Ryan Allen on the right, about to slime that light colored kit with some serious mud.

Showing up in brand new kit, was our own Big Mac, Adam McIntrye. The newest member of the FreeWheeler team Adam thought it would be a great idea to take fresh clean kit out and mud-it-up.

When it's rainy or crappy who can you count on to always be there for a ride? That's right its Shawn Davidson sticking his tongue out at the rain and mud. Nice SS. The first choice in whips for crap roads.

While we don't have flags yet, I'll be flying this in mind over the race weekend. Yeah, that will do a lot of good, won't it? Weather is supposed to be nice, but I can't imagine that the ground will be dry enough for another grass crit, so pack a bucket and a brush. Good luck to you, wherever you roll and race this weekend.

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