Thursday, October 6, 2011


There were like eight million people on the ride last night. Well maybe not eight million, exactly, but so many that I could not count them all. Fast up front, friendly in the back, it had something for everyone. You can sure tell that it is a ICEMAN time.

In other new tonight Big Mac located a great video by Ten Mile Media of last weekend's night race in Munson. It would have been even better, as noted by Adam, if there had been more than 2-seconds of footage devoted to us. Well, even with out us, it's pretty damn good.

2011 MUNSON PARK NIGHT CYCLOCROSS RACE from Hans Nyberg on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for the night out. Next time I'll put on my big girl pants and hang on for the whole ride.

  2. You were up ahead of us, Kaat. Well done. The thing you want to hang on for are the beers in the lot. Nice seeing 'ya!

    SAGINAW RED ZONE RACE NOTE: New is they are laying on two kegs of beer for the race. Sounds like they're expecting company!

  3. Kaat, the idea is to have a good time out there. If you did that, then all is good.

    Turned "roadie-esque" out there. Riders jumping away at stop signs, leaving riders behind, not stopping for a guys with a flat, etc. Can only mean it's Iceman Training season......geesh.

  4. Yeah Kaat, stick with us. We had a great ride last night. With racing on the weekend (cross) we'll have a group that's just out for recovery and a nice ride prepping for an upcoming race, not a thrash-a-thon. Hey, let's face it: THOSE GUYS ARE CAT 6 FAST!

  5. SURLY!

    Your cap is ready:

    Pick it up from me on Sunday...look like a rockstar everyday.