Friday, October 14, 2011


Yeah, for all you _____ that didn't make the ride last night, I just wanted you to know that you missed a good one.

While we were riding in a light rain my guess you were home, cuddled up like this. Am I right?

Real men, like Shawn Davidson, and real women like Roxanne Woodring, ride in the rain. Here Shawn is clearing the mud and tree branches out of his riding specs after riding through a fucking killer tornado last time out.

Where have all the hard men and women gone? This was the scene last night as we prepared to roll out under threatening, yet warm skies.

Kinda tough guys Matty "Ice In His Veins Graves", Jeff "I've Got Bubonic Legs" Z, and Roxanne Woodring, with her back to us, discuss the possibilities of what sprinkles could do to us.

The tough just keep getting somethinger. Werdy, Tony, and the Mike K, aka the Frenchmen, set their jaws and prepare to ride into hell. If your idea of hell is 70 degrees F and a raindrop. Sounds more like LA. Okay that may be hell.

While there have been absolutely hoards of riders preparing for the great-almighty-iceman, last night saw a paucity of riders. One could imagine that it was because they were tapering for a race this weekend, though I find this hard to believe, as tapering and would seem to be something only a real _________ would do, to use a common Mountain Biking term. My guess is the threat of rain kept them home. Oh well, that just meant more great roads for us.

In case you haven't guessed what _______ is, here's some multiple choice options. Place you answer in the comment box, and have a good weekend of racing, riding or whatever it is you plan to do this weekend. Maybe I'll see some of you in Linden trying to sprint up that hill.

Here are your options. Pick the word or phrase that best fills in the the blank:

Anybody that didn't ride last night was a real ___________.

(  ) Mountain Biker
(  ) Roadie
(  ) douchebag
(  ) tough guy caught between a rock and a 'narly place
(  ) baby; still crushed because Contador didn't win the TdF this year
(  ) baby; still crushed because the guy with the squeaky voice won the TdF this year
(  ) smart, because you kept your sweet riding kit clean and dry
(  ) pussy
(  ) hero

In case you still did not get it, here's one last clue. For those that didn't ride you'll also be receiving a sample of the product being sold in this "clue ridden" commercial. I think you know why.


  1. While there was no photo of him, Casey McGovern was also out with us last night rocking it in a little rain. So no free samples for you Casey.

  2. Nice pics...all cute, soft and warm and cuddly. I like kittens....but I LOVE riding my bike. Nice ride last night.

    Laughed my freaking arse off at the video.

    Lotsa options this weekend:

    I'm leading out dirt roads at Colorburst Saturday. Racing for both tailwind and kisscross Sunday. Maybe even a little mud and some cross weather to boot!

  3. Wish I was able to make it... stupid work schedule!!!! I swapped work weekends so that I could make Mad Anthony next saturday... Hoping that we have another killer West Side turnout!!!! I will be at KC on sunday... Sarah will be racing sunday too, so hope to see some of you ladies out there!!!

  4. Sweet post, I do think that I missed something besides half the ride last night. When did Mackenzie change her name to Roxanne? Must be an inside joke...


  5. We just decided to change her name last night. Don't know why. Since there's already a Roxanne, I thinking we may have to come up with another.

    Did you get it: you had the "Bubonic Leg(s)"

  6. Got it...I hope to have the problem solved.

    Good racing this weekend...


  7. wow. I am in tears. Thanks