Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Last night's ride rolling through a quiet right left on Natural Beauty Roads (that's what they were until we got there anyway.) I'm guessing roads like these are what you'll be seeing in the Lowell 50 Classic Road Race that's coming October 29th. Hit the link and start registering. It's being put on by our friend Jeff Z, the guy behind the crew that shot these photos last night. Contact him and let him know if you can get involved. Just leave a comment on the blog or visit the Lowell 50 website for more information, maps and more.

Big ride last night, in terms of numbers. A combination of the ICE MAN COMETH and great weather had loads of people out last night rocking cross bikes and things called 29ers or 9ers. Anyway, if you haven't seen them they are essentialyl Mountain Bikes with normal 700c road bike wheels. While they look ungainly because the little mountain bike frames need to be bent to fit the "Big Wheels" they are fast.

The ride was fast, but fun, and we tried to get in as much riding as possible in the allotted (by mother nature) amount of light. We're going to be having strapping on lights if we expect to get in anymore than an hour and a half of ride time, which, with the beautiful weather, is really an opportunity we can't let slip away. So get some duct tape, a Mag Lite, and get it on.

There's they go. Into the woods, eventually into a little darkness, and finally into the Honey Creek.

Of course even though it's just a training ride for those of us racing cross, prep for the Lowell 50, and a ramp up of fitness to the ICEMAN, it's also a competition with winners and losers. Unlike like other competitions that separate winners and losers, we treat them equally.

Here for example is the winner of the Oldest Guy with the Worst Attitude:

The podium girls threw-up after this shot. Sorry girls.

Here's the loser of the big wheel contest, since he had the smallest wheel. He may be a loser, but he tasted better to the girls. 

In other competition, here's the winner of the Gary Fisher Look-A-Like contest at the Honey Creek last night. He looks just like him! If I were you, dude, I would have save it for Halloween ...


There's new series in town kids, well Michigan anyway, and they've decided to hold their races on weekends when there aren't other Michigan races going on. Simply brilliant. And who said bike racers are dumb? This weekend there's a race up at Saginaw State College that's part of the Red Zone Cross Race series, and this one is sponsored by a Brewery which is always a good sign. 

Bike racing and beer. Always a good idea. Isn't it? This is a Red Zone Sponsor.

The first of the  Red Zone series was two weeks ago in Lansing (Stomach of Anger) which received the Surly Cyclocross Race of Approval. (Whatever in the hell that's worth you can decide for yourself.) Anyway they are great folks, really enthused about cross and I'm guessing that Cross Designer extraordinaire Brian Hancock (Ithaca Grand Prix) will be laying this course out, which means maximum cross racing fun for everyone. (I'll double check on to see if it's a BH course and let you know, but I'll bet it will be a good one - the SOA certainly was.) There's also a crazy team relay race which was fun at the Wolf race last year in Saginaw. Hat's off to Steve Weckle and Paul Rytlewski, the driving force behind emergence of cross up in Saginaw.

The race is this Sunday, October 9, and the first race starts at 11:00. Check out the website (if you missed the link above)  right here.


Tonight I'll also be having a little barrier clinic in the park starting around 5:30 and going until we're tired or they turn out the lights. We'll probably be in the back of Riverside. Let me know if you're coming, or just show up. We'll be working basic on and off stuff, so don't expect and full on racing. There will be plenty of that on the weekend.

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  1. Here's a post I just saw on the CXM Michigan Group Forum from Brian Hancock on the Red Zone race this weekend - you'll have to go to Cyclocross Magazine "Michigan Group" to get direct links to the maps and so forth:

    Comment by brianhancock 57 minutes ago

    Course is going to start and finish on the track (not a velodrome...unfortunately...but a running track). Hopefully the stands will be *PACKED* with cheering spectators...

    There is a large hill (think Vet's Park) and we'll be running straight up it at least once. Word is there will be mini barriers (they're only tall if you're really short) that will help this process. Appropriate use of the off-camber nature of the hill will be incorporated as well. Nothing stupid...just good 'cross.

    Course will consist of rubberized track, grass, asphalt, cement pavement, gravel, and dirt. It's going to be FAST so bring your file treads.

    There will probably be two dismounts per lap - one double barrier and one runup.

    Parking is best in lot C (seen on the campus map), with overflow parking available in lot E: ... lorMap.pdf

    The track we're using is marked "27". The start/ finish straight will be heading north on the west side of the track. Most of the race will happen between the football field (50), track area (27), and (10), (34), (12), and the pond.