Saturday, October 15, 2011



Could this be the future banner of Crazy Bastards Cyclocross? Thanks once again to the imagination and talent of Adam McIntryre, or Big Mac, we now have flag. I think Adam has just put this out there as a working design, but to tell you the truth I think it's awesome, and tells our whole story, as strange as that is in one kind of crazy emblem that depicts some crazy guy on a bike getting chased by a Killer Chihuahua while a Rampart Lion farts at him.

Years from now when people dig up the remains of our civilization, they'll wonder what kind of people we were. It will be like discovering cave drawings. You know, when they were discovered everybody tried to put meaning to the ancients' scribblings and drawings.

The future analysis of our flag will probably be made by some geeky, nerdy guy (pictured above) that has lived his whole life in an institution of higher learning that will find our flag and will say: "WHAT THE FUCK WERE THESE CRAZY BASTARDS THINKING?"

Hopefully our flag, our remains, and our cross bikes will be found by an archeologist like this guy (above), who has just found an ancient gold cycling helmet. He'll know that we were Crazy, but fun ... well sometimes fun.

Just think of what people thought of this (above) when it was discovered. Actually this was the basis for one of the first drafts of the flag that Adam came up with. I liked it, but without a head I don't know where I'd put my light, which I usually mount on my helmet. It does, however, kind of remind of the service at the HC. I love that place.

Another rejected design, and also a great find for the future to ponder what we were up to, was this drawing. While I think it certainly says GROUP RIDE, I'm a little worried about what the sprint finish will look like. (Hey that's what I call drafting and wheel sucking!)

Check back in on Monday for full race reports from Tailwind (Linden), Kisscross (Richmond Park, Peak to Peak (I have no idea where that is), Colorburst, and anywhere else you are rolling around on two wheels.

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