Wednesday, October 19, 2011


First for the BIG. That was last night's ride. Who are these people? Where did they come from? Don't they have homes? Why is the ICEMAN the world's greatest race, greater even than that Tour de France thing? These are questions I alone can't answer. You're on your own. And if you don't have a light, probably alone in the dark too. Actually it was a great ride, stayed to together until the bitter and dark end, while holding a generally good pace. Thanks to all of you who managed not to piss me off last night. Yeah it was that kind of a day - and this ride was the best outcome possible.


The smiling face of Cupcake at the line and ready to rock. The rest of the competition is wandering around at this point trying to find their asses with both hands. It was an amazing display of brain power. Of course Cupcake knew exactly what she was doing. Yeah, being cool and trying to be nice so she wouldn't get any nasty heckling.

Cupcake, still smiling and on the podium. Even if this isn't her step, we're going with this story. While she looked happy at the start, and at the awards ceremony, I can tell you from being there she didn't look that way during the race. Who did?

Speaking of BIG, BAD and UGLY all in one sweet package, the usually handsome and always dashing Big Mac Adam McIntrye, gives us the old "Guppy-Out-Of-Water" cyclocross racer look as he stomps his way up some sort of climb. Take a look at his jersey - I think you'll be seeing some new team colors flying on him soon.

Speaking of flying, "Holy Flying Etho Bastard 'Fat Man," it's the airborne Etho-Bastard showing everyone how it's done at Richmond Park as he spreads his wings (chicken style) over the CONCRETE DITCH OF DEATH. Well done Etho-Bastard, you rock, and fly, apparently.

While people were flying over DITCHES OF DEATH on the Westside, racers were lining up to hammer each other into whimpering submission on the Eastside. Here's a trio of killers in the Masters 45+ in Linden, on Sunday. On the far left, leaning into the shot, is our own Jeff "Slayer" Haney, in the middle, Robert W looking way serious. Giving us the stare-down is our good friend and many time cross champ Mark Wolowiec. Nice race gentlemen, the whole thing looked like it really hurt.

Here I am lining up and not paying attention to anything that the rest of the group is except getting my picture taken. On my left is the Fonz, who made an appearance. I think he beat me on Sunday. I don't know who didn't. Yeah, I really sucked on this course. Not enough practice on the twist-and-shoot style courses, is what I think. I gotta get to work on that ...

Back to Richmond. Congratulation to Sarah McIntyre for her race at Richmond on Sunday. Looks like practice paid off for her. Well done Sarah, and it looks like you are able to run that little hill without looking like a Guppy trying to breath out of water.

Finally, who says you need carbon fiber to be competitive in cross racing today? Werdy just sent me this photo of his new Unicorn-Cross Bike made out of exotic plywood. Hey, Werdy, you're going to be getting some sweet looks at the line with this one. I really dig the horn, myself. I'll guess you'll be coming through whenever you want to. Not a bad idea, but I'm a little concerned over the fork rake. At least you won't be worrying about "toe-overlap."

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