Thursday, October 6, 2011


Comment by K. Michael Babcock 41 minutes ago

I've got word that Laura Melendez, heckler extraordinaire, will be attending Red Zone CX! Be there, and be heckled by one of Michigan's best hecklers.

If you're not a regular follower of the Cowbell Forum on Cyclocross Magazine's website, well you should be. Today you'll see the above post from one the East Side 'Crossers, that is actually excited about having someone coming to their race to abuse them verbally. From what I hear Cupcake will be paid for her services in beer. (See yesterday's post on the Red Zone Race in Saginaw this Sunday).

It's great to know that West Michigan has some recognition in the outside cyclocross world other than Slayer, Tom Burke, Kim Thomas, Adam McIntyre,  and Scott Walburn, and now the up and coming Fast Freddy.

Just a tip Cupcake, keep an eye out over your shoulder for the up-and-coming heckle-stylings of Big Mac. He laid a good one on me at Munson while I was getting passed like a bus stop on the second lap:

"Betty called and she wanted you to know that she's the only bitch in your house ..."


It looked like last night was couples night at "Practice In The Park." (With a name like that I think we should have spread out blankets and had bottles of wine and cheese.) We had about ten people all tolled.

Fast Freddy and his wife Diane Bunn, who looks like she should be a future 'cross star, were out. Diane was getting the feel for her new cross bike and I'll bet she'll be racing soon. Kathy and Scott Nason were also out again, and Kathy is getting settled into her new Felt and looks ready to race soon. Maybe this weekend in Saginaw? Also Big Mac and Sarah were out, Sarah is looking pretty pro, so if we can get her to start in the front row instead of dead last, well I think she's moving up.

Nice to Rich Heckman out, new guy Brian (sorry I don't know your last name) who has a new Redline Pro - love that black and white and red, man. Also Cupcake made an appearance and signed a few autographs and then had to hustle off to her next paid performance.

I think these practice's have paid off, and when racing out of the area I think you'll see that our little group is just a little bit better and smoother at barriers and climbs. If you want some proof, here it is in a video taken of Big Mac at Kalamazoo last weekend. While I say you'll never make as much time going fast over barriers as you can lose time by fucking up by going fast, Mac proves me totally wrong. Watch him fly ...

Also, just in closing, if you think that cross is underground off-shoot of a non-mainstream sport, check out the Juggalo's in this video below. Bike Snob posted this video with the challenge: See if you can watch this and not want to pack a small bag and leave the United States forever. While I won't be doing that, I will be packing a bag of riding gear and heading out to Townsend Tonight. I think we're going to need lights for the last part of the ride, so start packing 'em if you've got them.

American Juggalo from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

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