Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Some of the best Euro-Cross Porn

Nice party for Tom last night. Really enjoyed meeting his new friend from Kali-Kali. I'm a little worried that the "tat" he gave me with shrimp fork and raspberry vingarette dressing as ink, looks a little infected this morning. That much pus isn't normal, is it? Also it was strange that nobody could shake hands last night, since nearly everyone had crashed and landed on their hands on Saturday. I guess chest-bumping is cool, but what do I know? Of course hand-shaking spreads germs.

Great ride last night, with a bunch of Bastards out on a cool, but not-that-cold night. Another nice ride, but a short ride, because of the party.

I'm not planning on riding on Thursday, but I'm sure there will be a ride somewhere. I'm going to be taking a a day off from the blog, for the holiday, but will hopefully will be back to make some inappropriate comments before the race on Sunday, that's in Holland, which I believe is in Europe. Guess I need to dust off the passport and get my shots.

Have a good holiday, and enjoy the full video above - make sure you watch the whole thing. Amazing riding.

See you in Holland, on Sunday.

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  1. Check back after the holidays - have a great pre-race post you won't want to miss. At least I won't want to miss it. Something is "appropriated" from our friends at Team Sandbag.