Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yes, we'll be riding tonight. Rolling out at 6 from Townsend. We won't be going far, however, since many of us are due back at the Schnitzgroober in Ada for a party for Tom Hahn at 8 p.m, who, as I have mentioned before, has just returned from the jungles of what I like to call the Far-Far-East. Or maybe the Far-Far West. Depends on which direction you go to get there. No matter which way you go it's about a 150 hour flight.

Tom learned some new tricks in Kali-Kali Land. He also made some new friends. Come to the Schnitzengroober tonight and meet him. Or her.

See you Bastards tonight. If you want a longer ride, and don't want to hear how Steelcase is now making their latest offering out of bamboo, monkey nuts and coconut shells, you can keep on riding. The roads won't close just because we've got to party.

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