Thursday, November 4, 2010


Across the road and into another great night for a ride - Tuesday 11.02.10

As you can see, well as you can almost see in this fuzzy photo above, that the Tuesday Night ride was a little smaller than it has been in the last month or more - but none-the-less it was pretty good workout with Flying Bats, Fast Freddy, JZ Redline Bastard and more hitting it pretty hard all the way up to the the top of the loop. I owe the smaller group size not to falling temps, since it was still a great night for a ride, but to the fact that ICEMAN is nearly here and that the participants who trained so hard for the last month or so, have finally reached peak condition and are ready to rock Michigan's most popular bicycle race.

I have been informed that everybody who is anybody, and many nobodies as well, will be doing the ICEMAN this year. In fact, I have also been informed, I may be the only person in the midwest, or the western hemisphere, that is not "doing" the ICEMAN. In fact I have been told that my dog will be racing in the ICEMAN - without me! She has already secured another rider and has been training in a secret location.


As you can see Betty is ready to "crush" the ICEMAN. Her rider is already practicing "doffing his chapeau" at the finish line. He's probably got GUs and SNAUSAGES in his saddle bags.

Meanwhile back at the parking lot, as seen just last week, people will undoubtably be there just throwing their riding "shit" down, as usual, without care or thought - is it a traffic obstruction? You be the judge.

Oh, here's the shit thrower-downer now. Glad you came back for your shit, and your skirt dude.

Also seen last week ... white boots. You gotta have them this year if you're racing 'cross. Guess who's attached to those skinny legs. Yeah, there are no prizes if you get it right.

Tuesday night's ride netted this - a flat tire on JZ's bike on the last mile in led to a skinned knuckle. Yeah, the whole hand had to come off. Guess I'm riding a single ring up front good, now. Best part though is the weight saving - I don't need that left handle-bar and brake now. Carrying the bike on run ups is going to suck, though.

While the world will be preparing for the awesomeness that is ICEMAN, I, along with other cast-offs and nobodies, will be riding tonight. I can't say that I will miss the large group, the stop sign sprints (those have already stopped for some reason, along with rolling through stop signs) and searching for the dead that have blown off the back by crazy Cat-5 race speeds. No, it will be good to get back to good-old fashioned Bastard Riding, Beer drinking and Fried Carp eating. If you're a nobody, maybe I'll see you out there tonight.

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