Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Two stinky skinsuits hanging on a fence. Yeah it was good weekend of 'cross racing. Good thing it was cold, or these things would really be wretched!

Halloween is always a great weekend for cross racing, no matter where you are. While I can't understand why local cross series would cover each other's races during the regular season, I can understand why every local scene has, and should have, its own Halloween race. While I would have loved to be there for our own race, I traveled to Ann Arbor for the double (Saturday and Sunday) race weekend at Veterans Park.

Miles of yellow tape for as far as the eye can see.

While I have my favorite courses, and some I just don't like at all, I really think that the Vets Park Course is the best in Michigan. It's tough, it's hard, it's got a ton of climbing off the bike on Saturday, and on the bike on Sunday, it's tests you physically and technically the way no other course in the state, and northern Midwest, really can. And besides that there's a party house with kegs of beer and food flowing all weekend long. There's also a killer costume race.

What was my costume for the weekend? You guessed it, I disguised myself as a racer. Looks real, but it's not.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Our own Patrick Drueke made the Cat 4 race on Saturday and stepped up on the podium for the first time (?). Well done Patrick - that was a tough race, and a great job.

Tom Burke happy about another win.

Tom Burke won the elite race on Saturday and watching him race was a gas. He was in a little trouble (bobble) at the beginning, had to work his way back and pressure the leader into making a mistake, taking advantage, and riding to a well-deserved, and smart-hard-ride to the win. It was worth the trip just to see this race. Well done, Tom.

Kim Thomas, Marnie Smiley, and Kenzie on the Women's Elite Podium.

A tough race, dropped chains, hader run-ups and speedy downhills made for a great Elite Women's race that saw Kim and Kenzie on the podium together. Nice job by them, and hats off to Marnie for holding on for the win ... she is a goof-ball plus, but a great cross racer who travels all over the country racing cross.

Ninja Cross Kid. That's the way to start 'em young.

One of the highlights of the weekend if the Costume race that takes place after the last race of the day. It's a big hit and everybody seems to have a killer outfit. Kids dig it. And big kids do - those that can pull themselves away from the kegs of beer. (Yeah, it's free beer and food all-day-all-weekend.)
Some costumers are warming up before the race. Instead of a trainer they use the swing-set. Pretty pro, huh?

On their way to the race. But what are they?

All dressed up and somewhere to go. Fast!

Supergirl. Yeah, she's super isn't she. Did those super sock-boots. I could use some.

She didn't want her photo taken. She had some really nice white stripper boots on the way and wanted to complete the outfit before I snapped her. Too bad, there's nothing better than cyclocross and stripper boots, and maybe stripper poles and barriers, in my book.

State Champ Ann Swartz upped her game, and her boobs once again in the costume race. Ann, you rock, you do.

Is this a costume? No it's an Ann Arbor hipster just taking it all in.

Don't you wish you had a bike like this? Check out the "hot" wheels.

There's something sexual going on in the front wheel design, but I'm not sure what. But I know it's there - I do, I just know it.

Nothing says hipster like a Pokeman rear disc wheel. It's not all about speed, it's about Japanese anime, isn't it?

The view on the ride over on Saturday morning, before the first race. Yeah that's what you see if you're traveling over for Tailwind races. Pretty and cold, it's part of what cross is. Hard to believe that there are only three more races left in the season (unless I find another one somwhere). Guess I'll have to do some laundry, looks like I'm out of skinsuits ...


  1. Remember, ride tonight at 6. I'll be there. Tired and worn-out, but I'll be there.

  2. its a polo bike idiot.