Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Do you see them? Yep, they are there. A bunch of twinkling Bastards. Hiding in the dark, but ready to roll.

As everyone guessed last night's first post ICEMAN ride was a big one. What nobody guessed was how beautiful a night it was for a ride. Pleasant temperatures and a sliver of moon overhead, we made the big loop, rolling at a good pace for what I would guess was around 30 miles. But I could be wrong.

A real treat for weird bike lovers - this is the Grand Daddy of Dave Stebbins bike - Big Daddy Frankenbike ridden by Tom Link. He's so strong he just wheelied for 30 miles and never touched down. Yeah, he's that strong.
Bob Hughes was on hand, taking a victory lap after his podium in the ICEMAN. Why does he always look like this? Because I keep posting the same damn goofy photo every chance I get.

Fast Freddy was there, but not looking so bright, as this is a file photo taken before we moved into continuous darkness until spring. Still, I'm guessing he was as happy looking as always. You just couldn't see him in the dark.

Dave Stebbins standing next to some grinning idiot. Dave was on the look-out for lost riders all night long and probably rode and extra 30 miles hunting them all down. He did a great job of find and rescuing most of the lost and wounded, but couldn't save them all.

Steve on his new bike, and Big Kahuna who would eventually go MIA after being taken out by a big dog somewhere along the ride.

Since Big Kahuna, (aka Larry) is a big guy, we assume that it had to be a big dog to take him out. We're thinking that this is the dog right here. Damn, Kahuna, you're lucky to be alive.

Another treat on the ride ... classic Jerseys! You remember this one, don't you? It was from back in the day when Lance was rocking for the Motorola Team and Motorola was still making guidance systems for ICBMs. How American can you get?

And who was wearing the Classic Jersey? It looked like somebody (the SITUATION?) from the Jersey Shore. But it wasn't. It was our own George. Nice ride George, glad you could make it dude.
Eventually it all ended up like this ... the way it always does.

Others on the ride, that I didn't get to mention or post up in file photos were Craig (Flying Bats), Kim T, Tony, Tom Link (owner of Franken-Bike 2) Jeff JZ "Jazzy Jeff" and a host of others.

Nice, enjoyable ride. Except for the Big Dog of course.


  1. Even though the Big Kahuna got taken out by the big bad dog, I still had a great ride, last 1/3 by myself. Very interesting solo in the country with way too many beasts running around in the dark. While solo, I came across Coyote, a skunk, lots of cats, fox, too many deer to count, and some really scary shit in the weeds! My critter watch was on high alert! I made it in one piece and learned that 6 mile is not continuous from east to west, someone threw in a big damm lake! Would have come by the HCI, but had to catch a 6am flight. Thanks for waiting in the lot to see if I came home with the majority of my limbs!

  2. Riding by yourself is scary (done it) because you can hear everything creeping around in the brush. Spooky-spooky.

    Also forgot to mention Patrick D in my list of Bastards. How could I forget Patrick?!? Easy, I'm stupid.