Monday, November 22, 2010


Just in! Sighting of Russ (Mav's dad) at the Bloomer Park Race on Sunday. Russ was right up there near the front, killing it (as seen above). It was great to see a fellow Bastard out there, with so many not making the trip this week, it would have been kinda of lonely. But not really, between the Rhinos and the BEST CYCLOCROSS TEAM EVER (that's Team Sandbag) I couldn't have had a better time, or drank more beer. If you don't believe me about the awesomeness of the course, check in with Russ ... nice ride, Russ!

Here I am riding on the underside of the giant grass Velodrome. Blazing speed and centrifugal force was the only thing keeping me up there. And the tubular glue smeared all over my tires. I wondered why I couldn't get going! Damn, there's got to be a better way to stick, and ROLL at the same time. Guess I need to start saving up for the ZIPP 303's and the suction tires.

Happy Birthday to this Crazy Bastard Blog which is one year old today. Since Russ made the race on Sunday I dedicated the Blog Cake to him - I've been up all night baking this cake, so don't laugh!

Since June of this year, when they started tracking statistics, we've had over 17,000 visitors stop by and be disgusted by the content here. It's been fun. Let's hope we all have another a great year.

Now I'm going to have some of this cake. Watch me eat it right now.


  1. There's a ride tonight - rolling at 6. It will be slightly shorter as some/most/all of us are going to the Schnitz in Ada for a little party for Tom Hahn who has just come back from the Jungle. Apparently Tom has gone native and has gotten full body tatoos, unbeknown to his lovely bride, Anne. It should be quite a party. It starts at 8 - the party, not the ride, stupid, the ride is at 6.

    Be there for both.