Monday, November 15, 2010


The women's elite podium at the Stoney Creek-Tailwind CX Race this weekend was a girlie-girlie fun-fest!

Stony Creek was fun. I love that course. This year they opened the turns up and made the race faster, though not as technical as in previous years (no-slipping- falling-in-the turns-technical) And while there wasn't any mud, there was plenty of sand (planted myself on the warm-up lap bwahahaha), and thanks to god there was no dust because it rained the night before- how ever there was a bitter-ass cold wind blowing off the lake. Yeah it was chilly. But it felt more like a cyclocross race finally. As you can see, a little chilly temp didn't stop the fun.

Or the beer drinking.

A certain green team (above) hoists some race recovery drinks- compliments of our friends at Team Sand Bag.

Race recovery ritual that's a priority of some sort. I guess.

Kim Thomas took another podium spot - well done Kim!

Here they are one more time. Only acting like racers this time. Be dignified ladies. Or not. I certainly don't care.

Nancy Lange is becoming quite the cyclocross racer. Here she is killing it off the start line. Great job Nancy! And nice job for me catching her flying by. Also check out the number. What you were expecting to flip upside down at the finish line, Nancy?

McKenzie ran away from the field for her first 'cross win (I think?) in the Tailwind Series. McKenzie said it was the new bike, but I think it was the motor.

Laura M, aka Cupcake, on course giving it some gas across the grass. You can't see how serious she is in this long-distance photo. Running the shot through my AFTER-RACE PHOTO ZOOMER in the photo lab I have in my closet, you can see what her approach to this race really was:

Yeah, that's Laura. Sweet, yet so angry. That's our Cupcake!

Here I am working my way through from the WAY-BACK trying to pick off some dudes. Some I picked, some I didn't. Had a great time riding the course - and loved the sand blasting down at the beach.

Check back later for some "better" photographs of this race. Also how about a comment on the Manhattan race here, yesterday?

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