Thursday, September 23, 2010


Let me say it's a been a fun-filled week of cyclocross racing and riding. Last night's practice was great - and by great I mean that I didn't fall down and hurt myself - and well, there were a lot of people that were out working on technique last night, not just riding around, and showing off how fast they were. It was pretty cool. I think we even saw a cross star (Keegan Korienek) of the future take his first flying remount.


Check in later or email for details for this one-time-only 'cross-like event. Were deciding on time and place. Right now it looks like 2:00 p.m. Saturday, the 25th.

RIDE TONIGHT 09.23.10 6 p.m.

I'm planning on riding tonight out of Townsend, as usual, at the 6 p.m. start time. For those of you that haven't heard, if you're coming tonight to be plied with pizza, beer, and a demonstration of head/handle bar mounted lights from LIGHT & MOTION and SPEED MERCHANCTS, you'll be sadly disappointed. I screwed up on the date - the demo night will be next week 9.30.10.

For tonight: while we've been trying to have some kind of recovery ride, at a moderate pace for a few weeks, tonight may be the night. At least for me. My legs feel like lead and I will definately be OFF THE BACK. So I hope you bastards know where you're going.

RIDE REPORT 09.21.10

I've been so busy practicing and rubbing Ben-Gay into my legs, that I haven't had time to post up on the last Tuesday's ride. It was practically a ladies night. But men and women combined we had a 15 or 16 rider group.

The front of the pack turned into a Cat 5 affair once in a while, but always came back together for milk and cookies at major intersections or places where the jerks that went off the front didn't know where to go. "Yeah you go left, we'll go right."

Happy face. Happy bike. Killer Kouger unloads her weapon of choice.

Laura Korienek, Friend, Heather, and Cupcake.

And this wasn't all of the women on the ride. Cupcake is, errr, um, ingesting a recovery cupcake, perhaps, maybe, lets hope ...

Just so you know what Cupcake looks like without that recovery cupcake.

Kim Thomas was there - slaying it up at the front of the pack with the bad boys.

Just one of the Jeffs - Slayer Jeff anyway, showing us some of his hardware from the weekend's races.

Jeff - Werdy One - showing off his wounds. Chicks dig wounds, and there were plenty of them around. Not pictured is JZ Jeff who was also there. Hiding again.

Our ride has gotten so popular with women there they were showing up on horseback to ride with us. Sorry girls, you gotta have wheels on those things if you want to roll with us.

"What are the chances we'll get kicked in the face in the sprint? Pretty good I'd say."

One guy, on horseback, showed up too, but here you can see he's been turned away while Ethiopian Bastard and JZ look on in horror.

Farm girls gone wild.

There were even farm girls running wild all over the roads on Tuesday. These girls were laying in the middle of the road, shooting photos of each other, when we rolled up at the intersection. It's called rural boredom. Next year they'll all be in L.A. having photos and videos shot of in seedy motel rooms with bad lighting.

Dan, the man. Wait that one's taken.

Dan Korienek killing it on the ride. The dude is strong. So is his whole family! My guess his son Keegan is going to be a future 'cross star.

When the ride's overKiller Kouger calls herself the beer b*tch.

Yeah, you know what she's got in there. Thank you Killer!

There was quite a drinking and gab-fest in the lot after the ride. The weather was just beautiful, and we made the most of it. Hopefully the Beer B*tch will show again tonight, and the weather cooperate with some more dry, summer-like weather.

See you tonight!


  1. I'm in for a Saturday race. Until them I'm fighting off some unknown virus.

  2. Thanks Marc for all u do!! Im out for tonight...someone else will have to be the beer biatch! Since its the names that keep me coming back I propose the following:
    Sweaty Bastard=Dan K
    Snakeslayer bastard aka "Friend" aka Tammy K
    Sweaty's Wife bastard=Laura K

    PS.did anyone pick up my Barry Robaix bottle? thx

  3. Get well Patrick! Still want to hear the story from this weekend. And Kougar, thanks for the naming convention. It's noted and entered into the Bastard Hall of, uh, something. Thanks!